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My Husband Wants Annulment Of Our Marriage (fm:slut wife, 2434 words)

Author: Anne Buckley
Added: Apr 02 2019Views / Reads: 1702 / 1190 [70%]Story vote: 8.35 (17 votes)
Tom isn't happy with me. He moved out. It's going to cost him. We married young and we don't have kids. Tom is an insurance salesman and met the "new love of his life" selling her insurance. Her name is Becky. I wish her the w

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I got home from work and on the kitchen table was a note from my husband Tom. It seems he is not happy and wants an annulment of marriage. I know he has been moody and was spending a lot of time at the office. He was coming home late or early mornings. He set up an appointment when I get out of work to meet with the attorney. I have nothing to say to "jackass." That is as long as I get my half of everything.

The meeting went well with attorney. He made sure I understood that every dollar was accounted for. I signed the paperwork, I got my checks and went to the bank before closing. I called my friend Linda. We work together in management at the hospital. I told her,"I am free of jackass." Linda had the same thing happen to her. She changed from a quiet little wife to a beautiful woman. Her beauty was enhanced by working out at a fitness gym. She bought party and club clothes. She had her breasts and butt enhanced. She dates and parties with successful men of all colors. I know Linda will show me the way. Linda said, "congratulations Anne. Come over to my place and I will take you to dinner."

I drove to Linda's home. She was waiting for me. She kissed me on the lips. She looked into my eyes saying, "I love you Anne. I know how it is to be hurt as you are," She is right. I cried. Linda said, "let's have dinner. I will help you to the next step." We had a nice dinner. The wine calmed me down. Linda made me an offer that brought tears to my eyes. When Linda got her annulment she got cash and the house. Upstairs in the house is an unused apartment with a separate entrance. I am currently in a rented apartment. I would rather be with someone who is a friend. Linda ask me, "how much rent per month do you pay now." I said, $650 a month." Linda replied, "how does $325 a month with utilities sound?" I replied, "that is too low Linda. You are too generous." Linda replied, "we are friends. I never rent it out to strangers. At least you will be in a safe place where there is love." When she said that the tears ran down my cheeks.

I gave notice to my landlords Bill and Helen I would be moving out. I told them why. They felt sorry for me. They said when you move don't be a stranger. I thanked them. On my lunch at work I called "Two Brothers Movers." They said they would meet me at the apartment and give me a price on moving. After work I went to the apartment and changed my clothes. I put on a low neck blouse, no bra. I put my high leg tight short shorts on and sneakers. The doorbell rang. I met Gerald and Harold. These guys are twins. They also are from a blended family. Their hair is naturally mixed with blonde and their Black heritage. Their color and features are truly blended. The are handsome. Harold did the checking of what has to be moved. I talked to Gerald as to why I am moving. He said, " your husband left you for another woman?" He said, "your ex is either crazy or blind. You are a beautiful lady Anne. You deserve men to love you." I kind of blushed at what he said. Harold came back and talked Gerald. Gerald said normally they charge for a move like mine with no appliances, just some furniture and clothing $250. However your new apartment is not far and if you would honor us by going to Jerry's Dance Club Friday night the cost of your move is $175. I said, "yes. Thank you." Harold said, "We will pick you up 7PM for dinner. We have a table reserved at Jerry's.

The move was a success. I paid the guys. They talked to me about Jerry's Club. They said its predominately a Black Club although the owners make sure respect is given to everyone. They said I would meet their friends and they will want to party with me. I showed them a tattoo I earned when I was away at school. I surprised them when I pulled my shorts down on the right thigh showing them my "Queen of Spades " tattoo. Gerald said, "who trained you?" I replied, " Marcus. He is and always will be my Master. His name is under the tattoo. Gerald saw it. He said, "Anne, you will always be welcome at Jerry's Club.

Linda told me she would like me join her in going to a private party Saturday night. It's at an estate. It's an Adult Sex Club. Carol said, "what are you into with sex?" I replied, " In college I learned to like cock. Lots of cock. I like gangbangs." Linda replied, "you will be invited back many times."

Friday evening Harold and Gerald came to my apartment. I wore a short black mini skirt, black thigh high stockings, a see through black shirt, with black high heels. No bra or panties. I also wore my Queen of Spades choker with matching earrings given to me by master Marcus.

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Dennis writes Fri 5 Apr 2019 13:58:

Excellent story about a recent divorcee who loves to have every orifice stimulated, licked, sucked, explored and probed. Good description of the sex scenes. Nice!


lacy (guest) writes Tue 2 Apr 2019 17:06:

i love what you were wearing very sexy loved the story


Lefty 1023 writes Tue 2 Apr 2019 11:41:

great story,would love to see your tattoo.


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