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Lodge by the River (Part 2) (fm:interracial, 14153 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: SavageHart
Added: Apr 02 2019Views / Reads: 858 / 650 [76%]Part vote: 9.61 (18 votes)
Dr. Erica Morgan has brought five guests to a lodge amidst the wilderness in a radical social experiment and suspended all morals. Love, hate, lust, sadomasochism everything begins to boil in the same pot as guests begin to undergo long suppressed transfo

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Authors note: This is where things will begin to heat up between the guests. In order to understand how we got here, it is strongly suggested that you read the first part of "Lodge by the River." Thanks and enjoy the ride.


Seven days had passed at the lodge and things had gotten tense between three of the guests. A day after having anal sex with Jeff, Skylar had walked up to Victoria and told her, "Relax! I was unable to collect a single drop of sperm from your man. He blew his entire load into my ass." In all their time together one thing that Victoria had always denied Jeff was access to her rear end. Upon hearing this from his ex-wife, she had gone from being the sophisticated British elitist to a confrontational loudmouth and tried to attack Skylar physically. Jeff had pulled her away while Sister Joanna had tried to restrain Skylar. Victoria had turned around and slapped Jeff in the face and then proceeded to Dr. Erica Morgan's office to demand a separate room for herself. She did not want to share one with Jeff. Dr. Morgan accommodated this request and she was given one room that faced the pool. Three people were no longer on talking terms.

In order to get away from the toxic triangle, Joanna went outside the lodge and sat by the pond. She looked into the stillness of the pond and allowed it to calm her inner self. As she looked at her own reflection in the stillness of the water, she began to wonder who she really was? If she was not the lesbian nun that she always thought she was, then who was she? A bi-sexual? How did that happen?

"Enjoying some loan time?" Dr. Morgan's voice startled her.

"Gosh you scared me!" Joanna replied as she turned around to look at her. She stood tall over her, an elegant woman in her late fifties. Her grey hair added an air of maturity to her personality.


"It is quite alright. I just needed some time to reflect on myself." Joanna said as she turned her head to look back into her reflection in the pond.

"Good. That is what we are all here for right?" Dr. Morgan stood right at her shoulder and spoke to her reflection in the water.

"Yes but it is creating too much drama in there."

"Because people are realizing that they are not who they always thought they were." Dr. Morgan folded her hand.

"I can not blame them. I am unsure who I am." Joanna began to study the details of her reflection in the water. She realized that she was not a bad looking woman but definitely one who had neglected her beauty for a little too long. Her face was showing signs of graceful aging and she wondered how make up would look on her.

"The woman in that reflection is not who you are." Dr. Morgan said.

"What do you mean?" Joanna turned around to look at Dr. Morgan.

"This pond looks very beautiful on the surface. This is why people try to find themselves in it. What they do not realize is that it is only a foot deep at its deepest." She picked up a rock from the ground. "Beneath the surface, it is all mud." She dropped the rock in exactly the same spot where Joanna was looking at her own reflection. The explosion of mud water splashed Joanna's white clothes and she gasped as she stood up.

"Look!" Dr. Morgan grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to look into the pond which was revealing its true nature as a muddy swamp. The murky water that Joanna saw was in sharp contrast to the crystal stillness that she was enjoying moments ago. Dr. Morgan took Joanna from her shoulders and turned her towards herself. "This is not who you are Joanna." She said as she brushed fresh swamp muck from her shirt."You are something else. Let me show you."

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