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Sunbathing Leads to More... (fm:group, 1310 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Stimac Picture in profile
Added: Apr 03 2019Views / Reads: 2164 / 1104 [51%]Part vote: 9.00 (12 votes)
Wifes adventures with teenagers continues

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He was rubbing his prick over my face, smearing spunk all over it as I said, "hi darling, is this slutty enough? Your filthy slut wife is being fisted and fucked up the arse at the same time. Tony's cum on my face and now am going to suck him off again."

I blew a kiss to the camera with spunk on my lips and Tony's bell end poking me in the eye. They were all in 5th gear, anything about being shy had long gone. Ben pulled out of my arse and walked around to where Tony was standing. His prick was stiff as a board and fucking steaming, no wonder, it had been up my arse for a good 30 minutes.

I moved forward and got my lips around it as my tongue explored his shaft and licked my arse juices off it. They might have been 19 year olds, but they had solid cocks and loads of stamina, just the things I like.

Will pulled his fist from my snatch with a plop. "She's ready, we can get a fucking bus up her hole!" he cried. Fucking hell, what did they think of me I thought as Tony took pics of me with both of Ben's balls in my gob!

I wasn't complaining though, far from it, these young fuckers were going to treat me like a fucking trampoline and bounce all over me all night!

Ben moved over to the sofa and sat stroking his young dong as I licked and wanked Tony and Will's pricks in front of my face.

"Come here Anna, get your fucking dirty married minge on my prick," Ben commanded.

Instead of telling him to fuck off, I walked over to the sofa and straddled Ben. His bell end slid up my hole in a flash. I then lowered myself down so he was in upto his balls, my cunt was so stretched from Will's fisting I barely felt it!

My blouse and bra were both off, my nipples were like fucking bullets, hard as fucking nails.

My knickers had long gone, Tony and Will were stroking their hard ons as I slid up and down Ben's prick.

I lay back towards Ben's chest and lifted my legs in the air.

I was looking directly at Tony and Will as they watched Ben fuck me, I was loving it!

Tony was still taking pictures.

"I fucking love it, you dirty fuckers," I cried, "I want you to fuck me till I can't fucking walk, am yours for the rest of the day. Now join in and fuck the shit out of me!"

I couldn't believe what I was saying, but at the same time couldn't help myself! My legs were as wide and high as possible, I was displaying myself like a wanton slut as Ben's prick was making sloshing noises as he pounded my twat.

"I want more, don't just fucking stand there, I want more cock" I squealed. Tony moved right in front of me and gave the camera to Will.

"Make sure that you get this on film Will, this is going to be something to see" Tony said.

Tony moved closer and put his hands behind me knees pushing my thighs right up to my chest.

Ben's knob was going balls deep with each thrust, I was so wet cunt juice was in the crack of my arse as well as in my arsehole.

"Hold your legs Anna" Tony commanded as he moved his hands. I got my hands behind my knees as Tony started rubbing the end of his prick over my clit.

"Fucking hell Ben, her clits like a baby's thumb," Tom shouted. "She's

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Dennis writes Wed 3 Apr 2019 13:29:

Great story. I really liked the phrases you used to describe the action. I hadn't heard some of them before. Like, "I was cuming like a train." Very good.


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