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Size Matters (fm:one-on-one, 4016 words)

Author: Mattie
Added: Apr 04 2019Views / Reads: 1446 / 1144 [79%]Story vote: 9.68 (22 votes)
This one-on-one story begins with real characters and a real location. What happens next is a mixture of truth and fantasy. Includes some sex in a public place, oral, some foot fettishery and even a bit of female domination. Hope you enjoy it.

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I spend most of my holidays in the Alps. Climbing and mountaineering keeps me fit and the love of the outdoors is good for the spirit. I am lucky enough to be able to afford to stay in good hotels and always try and get somewhere with a spa facility. For me, a nice relaxing sauna is the best way to relax the muscles after a good day's climbing.

Fortunately, most Swiss hotels have great "wellness" facilities so this year's major trip up the Eiger was followed by a luxury stay in a nice hotel in the town below. Even better for me, the mostly Swiss and German guests love to go naked in the spa. Indeed, the sign on the door of the spa instructs: "No costumes beyond this point".

Once inside the sauna, it is usually quite easy to spot the other Brits. They are the ones that keep dressing gowns and towels wrapped round them as long as they possible can before demurely sitting as far away from the locals as they can, with arms and legs crossed and trying desperately not to look anywhere for fear of seeing something shocking.

But that's not me. I must declare at this point that I have good reason not to be shy when naked in the spa. To put it simply, I am well blessed. My cock is a good length even when flaccid, and I am more than happy to put it out there on show when I am in the spa. Having a climber's physique, I am slim and muscular, so the aforementioned cock has nowhere to hide. (Unlike the more typical male spa occupant with a small cock lurking in the deep shadows beneath the extra inches of tummy and a mat of pubic hair...)

So, on this particular day, I went down to the hotel spa late afternoon, stripped off and put on a dressing gown and made my way to the communal showers inside the spa. As I stood under the jet of the shower, I looked around to see who else was around. There were the usual older Swiss German couples, a lone man in his forties and, much more interestingly, a younger lady of in her mid-thirties, with a slim, shapely figure and an attractive face, with fair hair tied back in a pony tail.

She confidently hung her dressing gown up and joined me in the next shower. Now, as all men will tell you, no man has complete control over his manhood. The close proximity of this attractive lady, both of us naked and showering "together" was potentially enough to fire up my passions, but here in a public place with others nearby - time to try and keep things under control. So, I tried to think of something else to keep things down. It worked, I am happy to say, but it was a close call. As I left the shower, I noticed she gave me a little smile and glanced down at my still relaxed member appreciatively. Well that was only fair, as I glanced down at her figure as well - let's just say there was a mutual admiration thing going on here!

I decided to go into the dry Finnish sauna first. This is the main sauna in the spa with lots of room, a clear glass door and a full window opening out on a garden, so it is well lit and spacious. Once inside, I smiled inwardly as the other occupants glanced at my body. There was an audible intake of breath from one of the other men, as I think he thought I was sporting a semi-erection, such is the impressive size of my cock. Meanwhile his wife was trying to look without being obvious about it. (As a climber, my peripheral vision is very good, plus I'm used to such reactions.) I selected a space on the top level and sat against the wall with my legs stretched out. I made sure I had a view through the glass door so I could see what might be going on in the rest of the spa.

I was pleased when the lady from the shower came into the sauna and joined me on the opposite bench. This gave me chance to check her figure out a little more. She had nice breasts. (I follow the men's guide to bra size by fruit - hers were somewhere between an orange and a grapefruit so maybe size C.) Pert nipples with nice dark areola of maybe an inch or so across, slim waste, perfect ass and shapely legs; all in all, a pretty attractive package.

I noticed Mr & Mrs Fritz were also checking her out, with the wife appearing to get a little annoyed with her husband for being a little too appreciative. After a while, Mrs Fritz nudged her husband in the ribs and announced (in German which I understood fully) that it was time they left to get ready for dinner.

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Lefty 1023 writes Sat 6 Apr 2019 12:53:

great story


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