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Barbara's Reawakening II (fm:seduction, 2865 words) [2/3] show all parts

Author: Blowmesoon Picture in profile
Added: Apr 05 2019Views / Reads: 930 / 624 [67%]Part vote: 9.42 (12 votes)
Barbara and Cole start down a heated path........

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"Cole!" she exclaimed instead of asking before adding, "Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Those were the words that came from the blonde-haired blue-eyed woman who was on her bed, in her apartment she had recently moved into, after leaving her husband of over twenty years. Her well-manicured nails dug into the sides of the man that had guided her to that bed and was now plundering her pussy with his cock.

The two had been friends forever and had begun to talk more and after just a few visits found themselves stripping off clothes and getting intimate fast. Cole pulled out and pushed back in fast and hard slapping against her when they fully joined while leaning over and finding her neck with his lips. "Fuck me!!!" she got out again loudly once again surprising herself with being so vocal. The man atop of her that had darker skin obliged her words and plowed in and out of her with reckless abandon by sliding his long cock in and out of her at a strong steady pace.

Each time Cole hit bottom the force of his stroke pushed her farther across the bed and closer to the other edge but that was the last thing on her mind as she felt her first orgasm roll through her like a crashing wave on the shore. Her legs dropped widely to the side and she fought to get air in her lungs as the stroke that pushed her over the edge drove the air out of her and she went limp beneath him.

Cole sensed her orgasm but kept pumping in and out of her but at a slower pace while moving his lips to hers to drive his tongue into her mouth that was agape. That seemed to help her catch her breath and she took a deep one in after pushing him up with her hands while looking up at him with blazing eyes.

The wave flowed through her and consumed all her senses but when she came down from the high she gasped again as the feeling of his cock still pumping in and out of her once again got her insides going. He leg curled around her new lover with her heel digging into his ass and she pulled him back down tightly to her body.

"Don't stop! Please don't stop!" she said to him with their foreheads touching. Her mouth opened back up as she felt him grind against her in a rhythm that was making her body resonate in unison. Cole kissed her quickly saying, "I won't" while still grinding on her.

Her blue eyes were watering, and her body was covered in sex sweat as she was finally getting what she had been craving for over a year, which was to be held, loved, satisfied and pleasured until there was nothing left. Barbara kissed him again mixing her tongue with his again and was getting into it when he pulled away and rose up from her causing her to focus her eyes.

Cole pulled up and out of her and she instantly felt empty without him inside her and had a questioning look on her face as she looked at him. Her eyes though instantly went to his long hard cock that was glistening with her juices that coated it fully and she ached for it. Cole's strong hands instructed her what to do by taking hold of her hips and flipping her over onto her stomach.

Then he moved back between her legs spreading them apart but pulling her back up by her hips, so she was on all fours and settled in behind her. Barbara knew what he wanted and found she wanted it to and cried out loudly yet again when his cock speared her from behind in full stroke. "Fuck!" she said pulling at the sheets with clenched hands.

Pretty soon it was all a blur to the blonde as it alternated between Cole fucking her from behind and her fucking him by sliding herself back and forth along his cock until she tired and he took over. Her head fell forward and the sound that was coming from her mouth were muffled by the sheets as she had bunched them up all around her face.

Every time she tried to work herself back up on all fours the steady pumping in and out of her pussy weakened her resolve and she fell back forward. Finally, her legs gave way too and she fell on the bed as her legs tried to clamp shut yet another orgasm overtook her. Barbara's legs took on a mind of their own and crossed at her ankles thinking that would slow or stop or slow Cole.

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