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The PR Agency (fm:one-on-one, 4497 words)

Author: mcerotic
Added: Apr 05 2019Views / Reads: 1466 / 1243 [85%]Story vote: 9.46 (26 votes)
I meet up with a friend who runs a PR agency. I was her trainer when she got divorced, but now she is re-married. Time to take our relationship somewhere different, and get her to deliver the best girls.

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It's a new story! Let me know how you want it to go, since there is scope for anything the way I set it up. I know about the first girls, but you can suggest stuff for later girls. Give me feedback, and help me bend the story arc your way.


"How's married life?" I asked when Kathleen sat down across the table from me in the bar where we were meeting. She was a blonde woman in her mid-thirties. Not very tall. Medium sized breasts. Attractive. Smartly dressed in typical business attire. She was a director at a public relations company. Or PR, as everyone said.

"I miss you," she said.

I laughed. "I hope you don't."

"Well, not really. But we used to meet here every few days. You knew every intimate detail of my life."

"Very intimate."

"Yes. I used to tell you everything about my lovers."

"I liked hearing all the details of what you did in bed with them. But that doesn't seem appropriate now you're remarried."

"I'm only remarried because of you, you know that."

"I picked you up off the floor when your first husband walked out."

"Yes, I remember. I was doing all the PR work for that company you worked for at the time. I introduced myself to one of your colleagues using my maiden name again. You told me that I was having dinner with you that evening. You didn't ask me, you told me. It didn't feel creepy, or as if you were asking me out. Somehow you knew what I needed."

"Do you remember what I told you?"

"Not all of it. I remember there were a lot of tears. But you told me that you were going to be my coach. But that it would only work if I trusted that you wouldn't try and...you know...sleep with me, let's say, since we're in public."

She looked around but it was still early, there was nobody in the quiet corner of the bar that I'd deliberately picked.

"I forget how I phrased it. I put myself in the friend-zone."

"Deep friend-zone, you called it."

"I made you start dating again."

"You did. ‘Letting me off the leash' you called it. You told me that you'd be disappointed if I didn't have a date that next weekend. Somehow, that gave me the incentive to get my act together enough to go out with a guy, despite being an emotional mess."

"What else did I tell you?"

"That if I liked them, I should fuck them on the first date."

"It's wasting time if you play around and make them take you out several times before you let them into your pants. It's the modern way. Sex first, relationship later."

"Well, if there is a relationship."

"Exactly. At least you get the fun of the sex."

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