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Virtual Reality porn turns my wife into a slut (fm:slut wife, 6565 words)

Author: Romeo
Added: Apr 05 2019Views / Reads: 1994 / 1565 [78%]Story vote: 9.55 (22 votes)
My wife buys a a couple sets of VR headsets and gets hooked on virtual porn becoming and instant on line slut wife fucking hundreds of men, but her avatar is herself and I find out she loves being gangbanged online so decide to give her the real thing for

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My wife Sue had just arrived home from the mall 3 hours after she said she would be home and she had an arm full of boxes, looking at them I wasn't pleased that she had wasted money on them and I had said as much.

"I don't care Sue said placing the two boxes on the dining table it's all the rage now everyone is doing it and besides its much easier than having to do it in the living room it can be done anywhere and it's so much fun OMG the guy in the shop put them on me and I didn't want to take them off I love go on give it a try trust me you will love it"

So my wife Susan had just returned from shopping at the mall and I don't even know if she got what she went for but came home with to VR head sets, apparently buy one get one free when I hear that I hear we put the price up 300% and now we are selling you two sets and we a making the money for three. I learnt along time ago nothing is free in this world especially when it comes to retail sales.

Look darling take a set and go into the living room and read the instructions I know you will love it you can play your favourite game on them and it makes it feel like your in the game its simply amazing I looked at my wife and thought oh boy the salesman seen her coming a mile away. Begrudgingly I grabbed a box off of the table walked past the fridge grabbed a beer and head to the living room.

lets rewind two years ago, I love my Harley's always have used to race dirt bikes back in the mid to late 70's when I was a teenager I was pretty good to fully sponsored (read local Ossa , Bultaco dealer gave me a jersy and a couple tyres a year and some oil when I needed it) I rode the sate championships two years in a row when I was 15 and 16 it was 1978, 1979 season and I was indestructible winning the 125 class and runner up in the 250's but it was enough to get the attention on the Macio dealer in the next town and he offered me a brand new Macio 490 for the open class the next year he thought I was ready and my father supported my riding. The first 4 rounds I was on fire and one every event but on the fifth round it was on a very fast open natural terrain circuit I had never ridden as it was a new addition to the race calendar, it was the first heat of the open class for the day and the track was super fast. I was leading into the first corner after a very long fast straight and a bike behind me braked too late crashing into me causing the next 8 bikes to do the same, when they finally pulled me from the bottom of the pile I had a broken femur 3 broken ribs and a punched lung. My racing days were over, sorry got side tracked memories will do that to you.

So two years ago I was out on my Fatboy and some fucking jerk ran a red light and cleaned me up and you guessed it, it broke my femur again but this time it shattered the bones around the previous pins and screw completely fucking my leg up put me in Hospital for nearly four months, well after the first two weeks I was bore like shitless in the orthopaedic ward so Sue bought me an a Play Station 4 to play while I healed and to be honest it was a life saver the only thing is it really got me into gaming and at 55 not a lot of people my age understand my fascination with it, and I get that but I now have 6 of my closest buddy's fully addicted like I am we don't play any of the warlords or dungeons and dragons crap we play Call of Duty Black Op's 4 online against each other and other people and its great, drink some beers and play games shit I can't play golf and I'm banned from the bike well banned from buying a new one and the old one is in the garage in pieces.

So I open the box and pull everything out of the plastic bags and start looking through the instructions, well it looked easy enough I turn the VR head set on and get it connected wirelessly to the internet and put the VR head set on and started to play around with a few random things on the internet etc, at first I found it really freaky but after about half an hour I sort of got used to it. But they must have some really special effects program in the store for Sue to come home raving about it, Black Op's 3 is available and Black Op's 4 has been available in the beta stage so I might be a little more excited when that comes out. Sue sort of got a little interested in gaming watching me play for months on end during my rehabilitation from my leg and sometimes she plays against me she never wins she's not very good I let her kill me quite often but that's what husbands do and besides if she died all the time she would loose interest.

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isadore writes Tue 9 Apr 2019 17:32:

love it! cant wait for the next installment


nosympathy writes Sun 7 Apr 2019 09:54:

Great start!


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