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A Bridesmaid's Bliss (fm:interracial, 2231 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Apr 05 2019Views / Reads: 2317 / 1875 [81%]Story vote: 9.10 (20 votes)
My wife gives into temptation and tastes the forbidden fruit of black cock.

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I sat alone in the pew as the wedding party entered the church. The bridesmaids were paired with the groomsmen and I watched my pretty wife Jennifer walk beside a fit, bearded black man towards the front of the church. She looked beautiful and my chest swelled with pride as she moved past me in her tight green dress.

Jennifer was a full figured woman with medium length brown hair and brown bedroom eyes. She had a warm inviting smile and a sexy curvaceous body with heavy, natural breasts, wide hips and a juicy round ass.

The bridesmaid split to the left to flank the bride and the groomsmen went to the right as the bride and groom took their places at the center of the dais.

The bride, Mindy, was one of Jennifer's oldest and dearest friends and I knew her well. She had been Jennifer's maid of honor at both our wedding and also for Jennifer's first marriage. I didn't know the groom particularly well but he seemed like a nice guy. He had been an athlete in college and worked as a coach at a local university. Like Mindy he had been married before but unlike her he had no kids. The groomsmen were all old friends from college and they were all in great shape. I had felt a pang of jealousy at the rehearsal when I saw who my wife was paired up with because outside of me Jennifer had a type.

Jennifer had long fancied black men though she had never explored her jungle fever in real life. She and I had met in a chat room that had been created for white wives to flirt with black men. She was exploring her secret fantasies and I had been delving into my own perspective of interracial sex.

Jamal, her groomsman, had been a wide receiver in college. He was tall and athletic with dark skin and sinewy limbs. He had close cropped hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He was undoubtedly my wife's type and that made me somewhat anxious.

After the ceremony I drove to the reception hall while the wedding party went to an outdoor location for photographs. I drank several beers before Jennifer and the rest of the wedding party arrived at the reception hall and I could tell by her mannerisms that they too had been drinking.

Jennifer was not a big drinker and it was obvious that she had a buzz. She was seated beside Jamal and they looked rather chummy which made my shoulders tighten. I had never been a jealous person and Jennifer and I often talked and fantasized about the hotwife/cuckold dynamic. I fancied myself more of a stag than a cuckold. But she and I had been into each other rather than exploring the lifestyle since our wedding more than a year earlier.

I made eye contact with Jennifer several times early in the evening and we both smiled and blew kisses each time. I was smitten and she was too.

"Hey Darling," Jennifer said as she lightly ran her hand across my back. She leaned down and we kissed tenderly. My pulse quickened and my cock began to stir in my suit pants. The smell of her body and perfume made my head spin and the taste of her lipstick made me ravenous.

"Hi Honey," I replied with a bright smile as I looked into her beautiful dark eyes. I could see the adoration in her eyes and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Are you having fun?" She asked sincerely. I didn't know many people at the wedding besides Jennifer and Mindy but I was making due.

"It's okay. I've have a few drinks so I am doing just fine."

"Okay, just wanted to make sure you are okay. I should get back to the head table." We kissed again and I watched her ass sway as she walked back to her seat. I had never been as in tune with someone like I was with Jennifer.

Jamal welcomed my wife back with a light pat on her ass and my shoulders tensed. I was honestly okay with him flirting. That excited me but touching her like that in full view of everyone was humiliating and my

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