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A Little Extra Cashthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:slut wife, 2757 words)

Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profile
Added: Apr 06 2019Views / Reads: 3437 / 2612 [76%]Story vote: 9.24 (33 votes)
A friend of mine gets herself into a jam and needs me to help her out....

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Several weeks ago I was out having lunch with a close friend when she asked me for a very big favor. She was in a bit of a jam and needed someone to help her out. She was a very good friend and someone that I would do anything for, but what she was asking me for, was a rather big deal. You see, we were the best of friends growing up, and all through school, we were inseparable. After high school, I went to college to get a teaching degree, while she took a completely different route. She got into alcohol and started hanging out with the wrong people. That led to her having sex for money when she was down on her luck. Surprisingly, she was able to kick the drinking, but for some reason she continued having sex for money. She ended up doing it for many years and had earned quite a living. I wasn't about to judge her because she was my best friend and I knew I had to support her no matter what she did. She had been there for me through my tough times and I always stood behind her whenever she was down. Gradually, she ended up getting involved with higher-end customers, and was making some pretty good money doing so. The favor that she needed, was that she had gotten herself into a bit of a jam, by taking on four businessmen that would be flying in for a convention in a couple of weeks. She had someone who was going to help her with this get together, but that person had backed out and couldn't make it. She said she had called all her connections but everyone that she associated with in that business already had clients that weekend. She needed someone to go to the hotel with her and take care of these guys, because she couldn't handle all four on her own. As she told me ...

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