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Tugging my dick off (fm:masturbation, 2315 words)

Author: Lutheran Maid
Added: Apr 09 2019Views / Reads: 1079 / 630 [58%]Story vote: 8.67 (6 votes)
Lloyd said that we had to go. It wasn't enough that he fucked Sue on our marriage bed. He wanted to slot her the length in public. There was this place, quiet, discreet, a parking spot in the woods overlooking the town. It was where wives got taken f

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The Saturday night when Lloyd said it was time, I had a fucking migraine didn't I. Work had been shit, the bosses were on my back again because of missed sales targets and my wife Sue, well she was in a relationship with Lloyd. It wasn't simply a sexual thing. It wasn't just that he could make her pant, gasp and writhe on our bed, it was that he was like her man, the guy she dated. I had never ever dreamt that it would turn out that way. I mean, it was clear (wasn't it) that black guys fucked a bitch and came back for seconds as and when they chose. They ran several bitches at a time, stoking whichever pussy they fancied that night. It wasn't part of my assumed agenda that he would date Sue several times a week. It wasn't part of the plan that he took her places where friends of ours could watch them dancing. 'Didn't I dance too?' one mate asked me. 'Didn't see you down the club, and man that guy, Lloyd, he danced with Sue like he owned her!' Well, that was the point, he did own her. Because he owned her, he decided what she did and how she dressed. He decided what I bought her to look posh and hot and he didn't care much that it prompted query notes from my credit card people. Because he owned her, he could decide when she would fuck public and when he would share her with a bro or two.

I had the headache and Sue had the anxiety. She's not prone to it per se, but the thought of having her legs up over Lloyd's big shoulders whilst he muscled his throb meat between her legs made her fret. It was partly the thought of loosing it on Lloyd's cock and someone filming. It was partly the idea that others would wank their loads over her face and tits. But it was too that quite probably Lloyd was going to give Tyrone a go on her. Tyrone scared the hell out of her. He was such an arrogant animal when it came to touching, kissing and petting. We stood in the master bedroom and stared at the rows of designer gear that she had in her wardrobe. I'd long since moved my gear out, this was Lloyd's fuck place. So far I had painted her nails for her and hooked the stockings up to her suspender belt. Her stockings were seamed at the back and they made her legs look uber svelte. The fact that after tonight they would be laddered to hell didn't seem to signify.

'You're so confident...because of him, because of how proud he is of how you walk out together. I haven't seen you nervous before' I admitted.

That was a first, talking like that to my wife. Since she had been getting a truly masculine black cock I wasn't normally asked about anything. Now though Sue was pensive.

'This will change us' she admitted, 'this is going to push you way down. Once I'm fucking in public, once I'm handed about, you will mean nothing to me'.

I sucked down a breath. I meant little to her already. It was already too late to try and pull her back from Lloyd. It was all too easy to elbow me out. Now though she meant something more. She would be his bitch. She would fuck to order, any where and any time. It was amongst the bitches that breeding followed on. Once she was bred, well, then I was truly nothing but the most meagre and distant of helping hands.

'I know' I admitted. I dropped my head. Honestly after all the fucking on our bed, I was still capable of shame.

'If you'd only tried to be a man' she mused and handed me a tiny black leather mini skirt. It was the decision moment. She wanted to wear something that Lloyd could easily unzip and push up. She wanted to wear something that could be 'rucked' so that her legs were spread good and wide and then everyone heard the slap, slap, slap of robust cocking. I knelt and held the skirt whilst she stepped into it, raising it but leaving the waist band button open until she had chosen her bra and a teasing blouse. She picked out a balcony bra. It put her tits on a plate. She shivered. I think the feel of me clipping it in place for her made her anticipate the truly physical fuck she was going to take. The blouse over top of that was diaphanous, barely covering the shape of her lovely breasts.

'kiss cunt' she said.

I blinked. My usual toileting was after sex, when her body was still dripping a wet with glutinous black cock semen. Now I was to kiss her there before hand. She habitually called her sex that name. It was the

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