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Lacy Jones finds exactly what she is looking for (fm:group, 7974 words) [4/4] show all parts

Author: Romeo
Added: Apr 09 2019Views / Reads: 989 / 713 [72%]Part vote: 9.45 (11 votes)
The story of Lacy continues as her and Jake become more involved and her big gangbang is pending as she ropes Helen in to join her

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Please read the first 3 parts to follow the growing story of Lacy in this series

"Because you aren't like those people, you are real your beautiful, you are kind and I think you get me. You know what I have done, you know I love to be gang bang by multiple cocks and you still wanted to hang out with me, Jake you are the first person to ever make me feel normal and not like some sort of sexual freak"

Jake put his arms around her and leant down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Well Lacy you are the first woman in years that I have wanted to be with longer than a couple hours, usually I would fuck you and leave you, shit I even felt a little jealous tonight in the ally with the pigs, so I'm not sure about that either but I like this here a lot a real lot"

"I'm glad your here with me tonight Jake and I mean that, and I'm happy to just see where it goes no pressure okay lets just have fun and enjoy it for what it is, but tomorrow I want my gangbang My body aches to be the centre of attention so I hope you don't go getting all jealous and shit big man"

"You want a lot of cock, no problem The boys at the club house will be more than happy to sort you out stuffing all your holes with their nice fat cocks"

Quietly in Jakes mind he struggled with letting his friends fuck Lacy now he had gotten to know her and how amazing she was. Lacy moved forward on to her hands and knees to reach out of the tub and grab some bubble bath on the shelf at the end of the bath, Jake grabbed her by the hips and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.

"Fuck Jake, ooooooooh, fuck me Jake, God your cock feels soooooo fuuuuuucking good"

Jake held Lacy's hips and started to pound in to her hard turning the bath water into a small tsunami with the water splashing out of the bath spreading across the floor. With each thrust the water in the bath became less and less. Lacy's head hung down over the edge of the bath her eyes closed as she enjoyed every thrust into her love canal. The sound of wet flesh slapping together echoed through the house as Jakes big hairless balls swung up and smacked Lacy on the clit, the only other sound was the soft moaning and cries as Lacy's impending orgasm closing in. Lacy could feel every inch of Jakes veiny cock as it slid in and out of her wet velvet hole she was enjoying this fuck it felt different than before she couldn't put her finger on it but it was different.

Jake lent forward and put his arms under Lacy's and pulled her up onto her knees and pressed his hard chest against her wet back, cupping her firm large tits her rolled her nipples between his thumb and fore finger. Lacy craned her head back and turned it to face Jake, Jake immediately kissed her, their lips becoming one as their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. Jake large cock still firmly embedded inside her, he broke the kiss pulled out of her and climbed out of the bath once out he pulled Lacy to her feet and then putting his strong arm behind her knees he lifted her up. He carried her through to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed before kneeling down on the floor. He pushed her legs open and back and tenderly licked his way up her inner thighs licking the bath water from her soft perfect skin.

Lacy rolled her head from side to side as his tongue reached her outer labia and he softly sucked her inner labia in to his mouth and sucked it before releasing it and doing the same to the other, he then wiggled his tongue up against her bright pink star fish giving it a lick before running his tongue slowly up between her now very moist lips, reaching her clit he slowly ran his tongue around it in little circles before putting his lips over it and sucking on it while gently flicking it with his tongue.

Jake did this several times until Lacy was clawing and clutching at the quilt cover her head craned back her mouth open and dry as Jakes tongue drove her insane with lust. She loved it so much, it wasn't fucking

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