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the MILF and her husbandís scout group (fm:slut wife, 7262 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Apr 11 2019Views / Reads: 2436 / 2223 [91%]Story vote: 9.52 (21 votes)
As a result of his flight being cancelled, Eric Brown gets his wife to supervise the scout group he was due to take that Friday. The horny slut supervises them alright, just not in the way he expected or would otherwise approve of. [8 scouts plus 1 MILF]

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Story outline: As a result of his flight being cancelled, Eric Brown gets his wife to supervise the scout group he was due to take that Friday. The horny slut supervises them alright, just not in the way he expected or would otherwise approve of. [8 scouts plus 1 MILF]

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I live in California with my husband, Eric, who works for an oil company in Texas, where he commutes every week. That leaves me with four, otherwise, lonely nights to myself, which I occupy by picking up young virile men to fuck.

Black or white, it doesn't much matter to me. As long as they're young and their dicks are long and hard, they're welcome in my pussy.

Although I was recently introduced to threesomes along with spit fucking and double penetration - I had no idea a cock could feel so good in my pussy while a second one was shoved up my ass ¬- I wasn't prepared for what happened the previous Friday evening.

Eric occasionally helps out with our local scout group. He was due to supervise a group of eight boys at a scout getaway for the weekend, only to phone me at work and tell me that his flight had been cancelled, and would I look after them as the designated adult until he arrived the following morning. And there was me hoping to get laid that very evening.

"Okay," I said, with some reluctance.

I was still wearing my clothes from eight hours at the office: lace top stockings, garter belt, lace thong, push up bra, stiletto shoes, tight pencil skirt, all black, and an open neck turquoise silk blouse that part showed off the swell of my shapely 38C boobs.

When I got home afterwards, there was no time to take a shower, and so I put a change of clothes and some toiletries into a bag and drove up to the lodge.

It was a relatively short drive to where the cabin was, and I arrived to see six of the eight scouts sat on the steps waiting for my husband to arrive.

I was delightfully surprised that they were lads, and not the boys I had expected. A thrill ran through me as I climbed out of my SUV and made my way towards them.

My turquoise silk blouse shimmered in the twilight, I noticed, while the buttons were open to bra level, giving the young men a glimpse of my firm ample breasts. The blouse was fitted at the waist, thereby enhancing my hourglass figure, one I was quite proud of for my age - 29 - and which seemed to please the gathered sextet.

"Hi. I'm Natasha, Eric's wife, he -" was all I got to say.

"Yeah, he phoned to let us know you were coming," the tall sandy haired one said.

He got that right. All of a sudden, my pussy had become wet. Maybe the evening wouldn't be such a let down after all, I thought to myself.

"Right!" I rejoined.

"So, where are the other two of you?" I naturally asked.

"Felix and Stig."

"Yeah. Sorry, guys. I don't know any of your names, just that my husband helps out from time to time," I excused my ignorance.

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Friskee writes Tue 16 Apr 2019 05:00:

Another cracking story. Love it.


Jo Jo writes Fri 12 Apr 2019 08:06:

Love it

JO xxx


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