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The Plan (fm:one-on-one, 5944 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Mr. X
Added: Apr 11 2019Views / Reads: 959 / 790 [82%]Part vote: 9.75 (12 votes)
Reconcillation comes with a price. Maxie has to give into Paul's demands if she wants to remain married and a plan for revenge is announced.

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I sat in my car, waiting for what I hoped to be forgiveness. It had been a month since my husband, Paul, had received the video of me getting gangbanged by three college guys. Beth had filmed it all, in the weeks that followed, she tried her best to make it up to me, begging for my forgiveness, trying to justify her actions by giving me a little excitement. She just did not get it. Nothing was worth the loss of my husband.

Word had gotten out that something had happened. Everyone knew Beth and I were friends, and now, I was not talking to her. Some had guess correctly, she had gotten me drunk and I fucked someone. It was not entirely false. I had got drunk, but there was also a part of me that loved that attention, loved being the center of the orgy. It had been an itch I did not know I had, and now it had been satisfied.

Sure, I thought about that night in brief moments of weakness over the past month. The huge black cock ripping my hairy wet cunt apart. Filling me with his seed. The other massive dick sliding in and out of me, my ass, my pussy, my mouth... it made me wet thinking about it. I even thought about the tiny pencil dick that had entered my virgin ass and stimulated pleasure centers I had not known existed. It was both a shame and joy that I would never dare attempt again, not if I could save my marriage.

As I sat there, I picked up my phone and read Paul's message again. I was to meet him at this crappy motel at 7:30pm. Not to be late. That was all there was in the message. I figured it was going to be for sex. I mean, we were at a motel, a seedy one. I had fought the urge to not wear panties, to lose my bra and let my nipples stand at attention in the cool air. The last thing I wanted, even if he was just going to use me, was to remind him of that night and the slut I had been.

I was jolted back to reality by a tapping on the window. Shooting upward in my seat, the seatbelt tightened. I looked to my left and saw Paul standing there in the bespoke suit. I unlocked the door and he held it open for me. "Thank you." I smiled, "You scared me." He let me peck him on the cheek as I hugged him. "Sorry, I did not realize you were not paying attention." He said in a soft tone, "Anyways, come on, we have some things we need to talk about."

I followed him to the door of the dilapidated motel room and waited as he unlocked it. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, none of which were anywhere near our room. I glanced around, paying more attention to the surroundings as my husband opened the door. Poorly lit, the parking lot was littered with trash. Construction equipment surrounded the building. Our fuck palace was in the back of the building and as I entered, I could understand why.

It had been built in the 1950s, and then, it must have been something to see. Unfortunately, since then, time and health code inspections had forgotten it. As Paul shut the door behind me, I could see we were standing in the Honeymoon Suite. "Paul...I..." I started but stopped, "What are we doing here? If you wanted to fuck me, we could have done it at the Ritz. The room contains sound well and we would not get a disease."

Paul tensed a little. His face soured. "What?" I asked concerned. Handing me a envelope, it was my test results. "You mean like the Herpes you picked up on your little outing?" he asked with out emotion. I staggered a little. Bracing myself, I tried to hold my emotions back. I pulled the results out and read the document. Herpes, or as the medical community refers to it, in abbreviated form, HSV-2. A small sob escaped my lips. Burring my face into my left hand, I clutched at the paper with the other. "What have I done..."I began but Paul cut me off.

He pulled me into him and held me tight. The sob developed into a full blown cry. I was not sure if it was because I had a STD or that my husband had decided to comfort me. "You lost weight." He said as he arms fully engulfed me.

I was not overweight prior to this, but I was also not skinny. My husband had always been the fit one. He ran triathlons, and his body reflected it. The unfortunate events that had unfolded had helped me

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