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Virtual Reality porn turns my wife into a slut part 2 (fm:slut wife, 10496 words)

Author: Romeo
Added: Apr 12 2019Views / Reads: 1262 / 914 [72%]Story vote: 9.37 (19 votes)
Sue has really gotten into the VR adult porn world and has decided she needs more sexual experiences in her real life

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First let me apologize for part one I had a few people let me know there where a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes which made it hard to read and after re-reading it online I realised I had uploaded the original unedited version so sorry about that' and hope part 2 is much more readable again sorry to my faithful readers.

So its been 3 weeks since Sue had bought the VR headsets home from the mall, and I have to say I'm well and truly hooked playing Call of Duty online in VR is just amazing its like being in the map and you are the soldier its mind blowing. I already have my friends hooked as well but Sue is another whole story. Over the last couple weeks she has really gotten into it, she still hasn't told me about the subscription she bought to the online adult game but that's okay its harmless fun and besides I'm really getting a kick out of going online and finding her in different maps being fucked by groups of men or when I found her the other day she was in a room of just women being pleasured endlessly by beautiful women, I was kicked out as soon as I sporned in as a male as it was a girls only room, so I did what any man would do I created a female avatar and went back in.

I have always been a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer so I found the sexiest photo of her and scanned it, gave her tits a tweak and headed back to the room, of course it was only when I got back to the map that I realised Sue was the complete centre of attention and realised I was more than likely not the only man to do what I just did, as there seemed to be a lot of well know people in the room pleasuring my lovely wife. I watched for a little while and then went back to playing Call of Duty. A couple of my friends were online so we got into a couple epic battles with some other young guys online happy to say we kicked their ass. You loose all track of time in VR and I decided it was time to take a break and have some lunch I had been in the study playing and Sue was in the living room, but she wasn't in the living room she was in the bedroom and when I peeped through the gap in the partially open door she had her biggest dildo the 12" black one jammed up her cunt and buried to the balls, the floor was soaking wet the orgasm she was currently experiencing wasn't her first.

I raced back to the study logged on and went exploring the more exotic side of the game if you know what I mean I was looking for Sue, I was amazed at what some people are into, really! (read both shocked and just WTF) but I found myself mildly interested in a map I found which was a BDSM map and there was all matter equipment and things going on. I was quite interested in the art of rope tying and there were several Asian girls hanging from ropes intricately tied and knotted around their bodies, the map was based on an old castle and so the theme clearly centred around the dungeon experience.

As I walked from room to room I seen many things I had never seen before, from women hanging from big wooden beams with iron bars cuffed to their ankles spreading their legs wide to men in ancient wooden stocks being whipped by very tall women dressed in black rubber suites wearing a WWII gas masks, a lot of it was crazy stuff and things that I have never been into. But I kept finding myself intrigued with the room of fucking machines there were several women tied up to frames and they were being fucked in either their pussy or arse or both by some ridiculous sized dildo's pumping in and out of them on an eccentric wheel set up. I watch one woman having both her holes pumped and she was screaming out in pleasure as she constantly squirted everywhere. But then I found the room I liked best because it was the room I found Sue.

It was where women just hung from the ceiling with their legs and assholes spread by either straps or iron bars there were hog tied and their holes were opened up and exposed and free for anyone to take at their will. And good God were they using Sue, I guess it was a case of a newbie getting initiated by the masses I'm pretty sure Sue had never been here before I know because when she isn't around I log into hers, it tracks your favourite maps so I can see where she goes most of the time and there has been a trend forming in her play time, the guy at the store was right foxysue was her user name and she uses the same password for everything so wasn't hard.

The rope knotting on Sue was elaborate as it twisted around her body it was looped tight around the base of both her tits individually and as a result there were a reddish purple colour her hands and arms were tied

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