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Jim's Bar (fm:one-on-one, 1443 words)

Author: Roy G Bef
Added: Apr 13 2019Views / Reads: 798 / 533 [67%]Story vote: 8.50 (10 votes)
I work the bars in town, trying to find a girlfriend. I even go overboard.

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Once upon a time I used to work my way through Jim's Bar in Carbondale, IL, with a small paper bag full of apples under my arm. I'd take out an apple and ask a lovely lassie,

-Would you like an apple?

One in ten would say,


I'd give her an apple and then I'd ask,

-Would you like to sleep with me?

-At four in the afternoon?

So I switched to later in the day.

-Would you like an apple? Would you like to sleep with me?

Then I'd simply get my apple back, sometimes with a bite taken out of it. Sometimes with the bite, back, too.

Once upon a time in the Midwest I'd work my way through Jim's bar around closing time with an apple in my hand.

-Would you like an apple?

A cross-eyed drunk psychology major (or such) would ask me back,

-Do I know you from somewhere? Can I offer you a drink? Hik!

I kept my apple.

I moved to the east side, the black side, of town.

-Anybody here want an apple?

It turned out to be a gay bar. The guys were all over me.

I moved back to the center of town, to Das Fass, where the steins were huge and Horst Wessel played almost constantly.

-Ein Apfel?

-The fuck?

-Would you like an apple?

-Go screw yourself with your Apfel.

Next woman.

-Would you like an apple?

-Was sagst du?

-Willst du ein apfel?

-Ein Apfel? Go fuck yourself, Apfel!

I was almost ready to.

I climbed up to the first floor where there were only a few tables, mostly empty. I plopped down and ordered a beer. The boss came around, then a few of his waitresses.

-Blablabla blablabla.

I recognized one of the waitresses, Bonnie. I knew her from Old Greek and from a lesbian friend we had in common. She recognized me and smiled. The boss looked at me, looked at her and said, so that even I could hear,

-Looks like your friend's dog just died.

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