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At work (fm:sex at work, 1596 words)

Author: Patrick O’Connor
Added: Apr 14 2019Views / Reads: 1623 / 1053 [65%]Story vote: 9.36 (28 votes)
After 16 years of being in a sexual prison I was finally released.

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I paid for college bartending and had a successful career in corporate America. But after my divorce I went back to bartending as an escape and because my wife had kept me in a sexual prison for 16 years that I'll illustrate below. So a couple of months after I start a woman named "Roxy" came in around 9pm on a Sunday night.

She was single and a little older than me but here's where it gets interesting. She grew up in the neighborhood but was only visiting and staying at a friends house two blocks away because her career was as a teacher abroad in Saudi Arabia. By 10pm it was just the two of us and we had already talked about how both of us were recently divorced but when the last person left I locked the door and said "I'd like to get into a little more detail about my decision to leave the corporate world and bartend."

I spent the next 10 minutes telling her how I'd spent the last 16 years with a woman who was literally the world's most selfish and unadventurous lover. I told her there's no other man who would have been faithful to her. She looked at me and said "You just described the same thing as what I've been through" She got divorced a month earlier after 23 years of marriage being with a man that any other woman would have cheated on. We were sitting next to each other and I got up grabbed a bottle of Champagne and said. "We have a decision to make. In a couple hours we're going to celebrate. We can do it here or we can do it at your friends place."

She looked at me and her eyes gave me the answer. I took her hand and led her upstairs where we had a lounge area and within minutes I was kneeled at the edge of our oversized plush couch sliding off a black silk thong that revealed a saturated pussy.

I looked up at her and said,"I'm going to make you explode in my twice" She moaned as I devoured the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted. Two minutes later her body convulsed and she grabbed my head as her pussy flooded my mouth. She was lying on her side on fire with primal lust moaning and mumbling incoherently. I took my boxers off lied next to her with her back to me and said,"Roxy I want you to close your eyes." She rolled over with her eyes closed and I said," now I want to to get on your knees and spread them apart.

She was quivering with each word. I lied down with my head between her knees and I reached back and caressed her lower back and asked her how it felt to have another man taste her as I went from her back to her inner thighs. She moaned loudly and then I lifted her up enough to have her pussy inches from my mouth. "Roxy I want you to tell me how it feels knowing that this sweetness will flood my mouth again and I slid my tongue inside her which made her scream in surprise and lust. I said now "Roxy you're going to cum again in less than two minutes and rubbed her clit while getting another taste of her.

Now open your eyes and she moaned seeing my thick cock. Less than a minute later she drenched my face again and then collapsed on the bed, I gave her a minute to rest but she rolled over and looked in my eyes as I said "My cock has never been as hard as it is right now,"

She took it in her hand and began slowly stroking it never looking away. She said, "I need you to listen very closely to this and said said my ex husband hated going down on me and never gave me what you just did. I started to speak but she put her finger on my mouth and said "I'm not finished yet, she said I just spent 23 years being married to the man who took my virginity 27 years ago and then she said, do you know that when I saw your beautiful cock it was why I came so fast. I've never been with someone like you because I've only been with a man who hated going down on me but loved it when I sucked his cock after he fucked me. She got between my legs and took struggled to take all 7.5 inches of length and 6.5 inches of thickness in her mouth but when she did I stopped her and said "Lie down please I rolled her on her back and looked her in the eyes and said

"This is the most amazing feeling I've ever felt, you are so fucking beautiful and I've never wanted to please someone as much as I want to please you right now." She looked up at me as my cock was rubbing her slit and I said "Do you understand what I just said, I was literally trembling at this point because I understood that I was about to be the second man she had ever had inside her.

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