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Rachel's Fall (fm:seduction, 5520 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: Jenna
Added: Apr 14 2019Views / Reads: 2079 / 1625 [78%]Part vote: 9.25 (24 votes)
Rachel, a 37 year old goes through a sexual awakening. Part One

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And just like that I lost myself and became a toy. My life, is it "my" life anymore? I never questioned who I was before but now all I know is him. It was he, my boss, that changed it all. I sit here now, wanting, my pussy soaked and throbbing for him. But I am getting lost in the now and I should start from the beginning of where my fall from innocence.

A year ago, I was just a 34 year oldwoman dating a wonderful man who adored me. I had been married before but that man was horrible so I left him. Sexually I had been with only one other man before I married Doug. I guess I married him because he was confident and strong. The first year of our marriage was great with passion still burning hot. Our sex life was very vanilla albeit aggressive. When Doug got a bit of alcohol in him he would get very aroused and almost violent. He never hit me but he was verbally abusive and rough with me. This always terrified me, not just from fear of violence but mainly because how much it turned me on. He would often face fuck (I know crude but the appropriate word choice) me usually yanking my hair hard. I guess some would call this nonconsensual but I could not because the sex was always incredible after. During our second year of marriage things took a turn. I am not sure if it was stress or if the honeymoon had worn off but the passion died. My girlfriends would say "Rachel, you know he is cheating on you". I guess he might have been but I never got a chance to ask. I came home one day and there were divorce papers there on the kitchen table and I never saw him again.

That was 10 years ago. I dated off and on but never finding anyone who had that spark until I met Jared. I had just moved to South Carolina and had taken a job at a law firm as a secretary when he walked in as a client. I felt the spark the first time I met him and over a couple weeks he would often flirt with me when he came in to discuss his case with our attorneys. As the case finished up he finally asked me out. I immediately said yes, so we started dating. Jared is thoughtful, kind, passionate and everything Doug wasn't. I had found my Romeo and life was great. I did hold out on him for almost a year before we had sex. I hadn't been with anyone since Doug so I wanted to make sure and I wasn't the type of woman to sleep around. Sex is sacred and shouldn't be just thrown around as my momma always said. I would have waited for marriage but I had decided that marriage was something I wanted just yet. I had to be sure. When I finally succumbed to him, the sex was amazing and we could not get enough of each other. Jared was so tender but way more concerned about my pleasure. He never once forced a blow job and he also took time to please me orally which Doug would never do. Size wise, Doug was about 6" and Jared was slightly smaller but that never mattered because I figured that most men were that size. It is the quality and effort that matters and Jared always made me orgasm. After a few months of intense passion he asked me to move in with him. About the same time, I had gotten a promotion to personal assistant for our firms lead attorney Kennerly Maxwell. Life was absolutely amazing and it was about to change!

I took the job even with the knowledge that Mr. Maxwell was a stern boss that was known for his eccentric tastes. The pay bump was almost double what I was making as a general secretary so how could I refuse. The interview was eye opening to say the least. Mr. Maxwell was very clear what he expected of me. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was never to be late and that I had to be available when and whenever he needed me. I would have to attend his business trips and pull all nighters. I asked for time to work it out but that was no option for he wanted an immediate answering I wanted the job. So, I said yes confidently. At this point he came around the desk and shook my hand. He wasn't gentle at all but very firm as to say that he was boss. He instructed me to go and see his current and soon to be former P.A. Michaela Shuler for my starting package and contract. I turned and walked away excited beyond my wildest dreams. This salary was going to allow me to do so much with my life. As I entered her office (my office) she looked up and smiled at me. I greeted the bosomy brunette and introduced myself. She nodded and said "I am pleased to meet you Ms. Kelley, now if you would please get undressed". I looked at her with sheer shock and confusion, excuse me? Michaela said, "it is for your sizing, I thought you knew. As part of you contract and package you are to be provided with fitted business attire that you are to wear mandatory." "Oh", I said, and asked right here? She nodded and pulled out a tape measure. I stripped quickly down to my underwear. She looked me over and without emotion said "those, pointing to my underwear, will not do, take them off and throw them away". I am not

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