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One night in KL brings some surprises (fm:asian/oriental, 4275 words)

Author: Romeo
Added: Apr 14 2019Views / Reads: 1267 / 1109 [88%]Story vote: 9.11 (9 votes)
After getting of a oil rig in the South China Sea I meet up with friends at the Beach Club in KL Malaysia and hook up with not one but two girls from my office.

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This is a short true story one of the many of my time during field operations working the Oil Patch

I had been stuck on this rusting hulk of shit for 4 weeks and I was finally standing on the heli pad waiting for incoming crew to off load so I could get my arse on it and back to the beach.

5 days they told me its a kick clean up job 500m of 2 7/8" casing tail well everything went to shit from the minute I arrived on T6 barge, It was tethered to a platform in the South China Sea and had a hole in it the size of a mans head and the bilge pumps running 24hours a day just to keep the heap of shit above water. I went up to meet the Company man and thankfully I knew him from other jobs for the same oil company.

"Hey Kev how are you"

"I'm great John what about yourself how long have been stuck on this piece of shit"

"Around 2 weeks to fucking long mate, are you here for the clean up job?"

"Sure that or I'm just here to go fishing"

"Well you're just in time, they will be doing the cement job on the 2 7/8" casing tonight so by midday tomorrow they will need you up in the drill floor so get settled in then check all your gear has arrived and its what you need, I assume it came out of the KL office and you know what they are like at organising shit.

"Yeah right I'll head down and sort it now"

All my gear was there so I head to the service company room and see if I knew any of the guys from the other service companies the Oil patch is a small world and you make friends easily it doesn't matter who you work for. Its traditional if you are heading to a rig you load up your hard drive with as many of the latest movies and music you can oh and porn movies as well and you swap and trade with each other.

The service company office was more like a large closet than an office it only hand two desks and with about 6 different companies working out of it, it was lucky I knew most of the guys and it wasn't a problem sharing desks, but still poses a problem for intellectual property and some work we do is sensitive so makes it awkward as well at times. Having done everything I need I hit my shared room 2 to a room on this barge and I was sharing with a guy I knew so was all good. Well the next day was the start of the demise of my quick 5 day job, the cement job had gone bad they hadn't bumped the plug and had filled not only the 2 7/8" casing with cement it also went nearly 500m back up into the 7 5/8" casing it was a disaster of mass proportions it would mean 5 days maybe more of drilling cement for me it meant a chopper ride back to the beach and a week of debauchery in KL.

However they required a Directional Driller on board incase they need to drill it out, and the company man knew I was a DD and all the gear including mud motor was still on-board and it was my company's gear so he made a request that I stay on board incase they needed it, fuck i thought. The second disaster was a typhoon coming out of the Philippines and while it was downgraded in strength it was heading straight for us and it shut everything down for nearly a week but again chopper unable to land so still stuck on board then the drill crew dropped a bundle of 2 7/8" drill pipe over board and we had to wait for clearance divers to come out and make sure it hadn't landed on the subsea wellhead.

Then it was my turn to do my work which took 3 days to set up run and pack up again but that brings us to today standing on the heli deck waiting to get on the chopper 3 of my mates were getting on with me so we made arrangements to meet up that night at the Beach Club in Kaula Lumpur. It was an expat bar opposite the Oil service companies offices and it was...... Well it was a hooker bar, which I had frequented on a regular basis when in KL. It always had a great live band and the girls weren't aggressive they didn't bug you all night like at a lot of other places, one of the reasons Thailand isn't my favourite place to go for bars and girls.

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