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Barbara's Reawakening III (fm:seduction, 3842 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: Blowmesoon Picture in profile
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Barbara wants more...............

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Several days had passed since Barbara had been with her close friend Cole and not a day or moment had passed that she didn't think of the two of them together. They had texted back and forth with the texts still suggestive and complimentary of what the other had made the other feel with hints of getting together again and he had stopped by her work for a few minutes for a quick hello.

Cole by his definition had "fucked" her and fucked her well that night and then woke her up and fucked her again for good measure. Her body still had shivers that overtook her when she thought of how he had felt inside her and how he had plundered her depths.

It was almost word for word as he had described to her the night before as they had gone at it like rabbits until both were totally exhausted. There was nothing but pure animal instinct as the two joined repeatedly on her bed deep into the night and again in the early morning. There were very little words between them only action and reaction.

His cock reached places that needed to be reached, craved to be reached and ached to be reached again. Everything inside her told her that it had to be a one-time thing but each day she didn't see him or each time they texted she wanted him again. Nothing else seemed to matter past that, work went by in a blur, any conversations she had with anyone seemed faint and far away and when her husband came over to try to woo her back with yet another offering of flowers she showed complete disinterest.

She knew Cole was married but that didn't stop her thoughts from thinking of being with him again as his texts obviously didn't show any regret or remorse. On the contrary his texts and his calls told her that she had made him extremely happy and couldn't wait to not only see her again but to be with her.

She swept her blonde hair behind herself and sat back on the couch looking out her balcony doors thinking for a brief moment of the flowers she had thrown away that her husband and brought over the day before. The fleeting thought was that if he had shown her on ounce of desire things may have been different, but it dissipated quickly as heated thoughts of Cole flooded her brain again.

In an impromptu visit earlier, the day before Cole had brought her favorite drink as a surprise to give himself an excuse to visit as if he needed one but got the desired effect he wanted. She had just finished up a customer in her chair when she heard the front door open and looked up to see him coming in.

Instantly a smile formed, and her face lit up as he came in holding the familiar logo of her favorite coffee shop and she stopped what she was doing and waited for him to approach. Some of the other women said hello to him as they knew him already as there were times he would stop by to visit Barbara. Barbara knew though something was up as he held her blue eyes with his and walked up to her and invaded her personal space. First, he showed her the cup of coffee closely and then set it down on her counter behind her chair and then once again moved in close to her looking in her eyes before lowering his face to hers.

She was in complete amazement and shock as he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her in front of all her coworkers who were all staring in wonder as well at the scene. Cole pulled her into his arms and got into the kiss even more and Barbara showed no resistance though her arms were trapped between them, but she moved her head to the side and pressed back.

"Mmmmm!" she said when he slowly pulled off and her eyes opened back up sleepily not realizing where she was. Her hands and arms now free as he had pulled away some were patting his chest and a small cough brought her attentions back to her surroundings.

Her face flushed with color instantly as she remembered she was still at work and had several eyes on her and the man that had just kissed her openly in the salon. "Thank you for the coffee", she said quietly to him before adding, "And that" winking at him knowingly about the kiss. "Anytime, talk to you later" he responded backing away slowly and heading toward the door. "Bye ladies" he waved nonchalantly to break their stares before walking out the door.

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