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Happy Birthday To You (fm:interracial, 2402 words)

Author: ChaserCrayon
Added: Apr 15 2019Views / Reads: 1340 / 1074 [80%]Story vote: 9.06 (17 votes)
My Japanese girlfriend is a little strange when it comes to sex. About how she wanted me to fuck her, after she fell asleep from drinking too much. A birthday gift for me. She seemed very happy about it. Names are changed to protect the guilty.

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Happy Birthday To You

I arrived home about 45 minutes after midnight. I looked through the house for my roommate, a Japanese woman named Yoshiko, and she was nowhere to be found. I guessed that Yoshiko was out someplace, I guessed she was at a bar. I got a sandwich and glass of milk and went to my room stripped naked and lay down on my bed to eat and watch TV.

About 130 AM, I heard the door open and I called out, Yoshiko, and heard her drunken response, it me I am home. I heard her making noise in the kitchen, the bathroom and then her room. I continued to watch TV for a few minutes then Yoshiko walked into my bedroom, as naked as I was. Yoshiko looked at me, the TV, then climbed into bed with me. She lay down next to me, grabbed my dick and started to slowly masturbate me until I was erect. I lay there enjoying the feeling of her warm skin pressed against my side and leg and enjoyed the slow masturbation she was giving me. I started to talk to her but Yoshiko did not answer.

A few minutes after I started talking, Yoshiko stopped masturbating me. Another minute went by and I reached down to her pussy and started to masturbate her. Still hard I asked Yoshiko if I could fuck her. She did not answer me. I looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, shook her a little and asked, Yoshiko, are you awake. I shook her harder and asked again if she was asleep and still had no answer from her.

I was very horny by now. I sat up and looked at Yoshiko, laying on the bed, her legs together. I reached down and pulled her right leg away from her left. I looked down at her pussy and started masturbating her again. I thought about what I could do. After a couple of minutes I spread both of Yoshiko's legs wide apart in that pose that always made me horny. A woman with her legs spread wide apart, pussy inviting a dick into it.

I moved between Yoshiko's legs and started licking her pussy. I licked her about 10 minutes, occasionally shaking her to see if she would wake up. I was horny and wanted to fuck her but was conflicted about doing it when she was sleeping. I sat up and played with my dick, milking the precum juice out onto my hand and licking it up thinking about what I was going to do and also thinking about how she had helped me to cum in the past.

Yoshiko had helped me masturbate before and the first time she saw me milking my juice, asked why I licked it up. I told her I liked the taste and if I did not eat my juice then it would drip onto my towel and go to waste. So I ate my juice because I did not want to waste it. Yoshiko continued to help me masturbate, massaging my balls, pinching the head of my dick, sometimes taking over and masturbating me until I orgasmed and ejaculated my cum.

Yoshiko caught my cum in the palm of her hand. She held it up to my mouth and told me to eat my cum. I told her I did not want to. Yoshiko insisted saying, eat your cum, don't waste. I licked my off her hand and swallowed it. Good, Yoshiko said, eat your cum, don't waste. After that I ate my cum every time I could, after I ejaculated. Even after fucking Yoshiko, I would lie between her legs and lick my cum up as it oozed out of her pussy. I liked licking pussy and enjoyed licking Yoshiko after fucking her. Yoshiko liked when I cleaned her pussy up after fucking her.

But, back to my story. After a few minutes of playing with my dick I decided that I would not fuck Yoshiko while she was asleep. I was a little upset that she had initially gotten me horny by lying nude next to me and playing with my dick. Still, I wanted to do something. I put her legs back together. I squeezed my precum juice between her legs just below her pussy and pushed my dick in between them. I lay down on top of her, squeezed her legs together with my legs and humped them for a minute, while sucking on her tits. It was 2:30 AM by then. I stopped humping her legs, turned the TV off, and got ready to sleep. I had to work the next day on another evening shift, but had things to do before going to work.

Three days later after I went home from my first mid shift, I asked Yoshiko if she remembered what she did when she came home from the bar. Yoshiko said, yes, I came home, take off clothes, wash pussy clean, go to your bed and make your dick hard. I said, yes that was what you

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uxbridge writes Wed 17 Apr 2019 15:43:

really great story. I loved it!


Eagle1 writes Tue 16 Apr 2019 17:00:

Will there be a continuing story? I like the way you wrote and would love to see this developed more


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