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Rachel's Fall part 2 (fm:sex at work, 4886 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Jenna
Added: Apr 16 2019Views / Reads: 1800 / 1395 [78%]Part vote: 9.29 (21 votes)
Rachel continues in her new role.

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Rachel part 2

There was no way, I was going to make it on time. I was going to be late and get spanked so might as well be clean so I got in the shower. I bathed quickly, got dressed and went out the door. I berated myself the entire way to the office. I parked and quickly threw my hair up into a ponytail as I raced to the gym. My heart pounded as approached the gym door. I was hoping beyond hope that Michaela had been messing with me but my heart sank when I saw Pete standing there with of all things a ping pong paddle. I started to apologize but he cut me off with "You're late". He was calm and cool but I cold tell he was deadly serious as he pointed to the weight bench. I went and sit down where he indicated. He stared into my blue eyes with his steely grays and quietly told me that being late was completely unacceptable and I had been warned that there would be consequences. I gasped not believing this was real much less about to happen. Pete told me to kneel and bend over the bench. I begged him not to do this and swore it would never happen again but he just sternly said "Now!". I didn't hesitate for something told me not to and layed across the bench with my bum presented. He directed me to push my pants down and I did so fearing him. I winced as the first strike fell and tried to get up but he pushed me back down. He said one word, don't. Another stroke fell, and another, and... another. I cried, I screamed, I begged and after 20 strokes, I succumbed sobbing. Steadily he kept going alternating cheeks. As he went on, he explained that there would be a strike for every minute I was late. I just kept sobbing but soon I noticed the sudden heat growing between my thighs. Traitor! I had lost count around 30 but finally he said 51, 51 minutes late! Pull your pants up and go clean yourself up.

I went immediately to the locker room. I stared into the mirror wonder who I was. I should have walked right out of the building but no, here I am with my ass on fire and my pussy soaking wet. Looking in the mirror, I said again, who are you? And walked back into the gym staring at my feet. Pete looked at me and said, now we train.

Training was hard and we never spoke about the spanking. At the end of the session, he simply said "I will see you tomorrow." I reached my office an Michaela was there waiting for me. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. You were late weren't you? I broke down explaining that I must have not set my alarm and I was almost an hour late! I was blithering by the time I finished the story. She came over and embraced and comforted me. I put my arms around her and wept. She told me that she knew exactly how I felt and out of nowhere she asked, "you are aroused, aren't you?" My sons stopped and I looked her in the eye and nodded. "I was the same way", she said. I feel so conflicted, why does that turn me on so much? She said that perhaps because Pete is authoritative? I know that turns me on, she said. There is something in our psyche or maybe our biology that kicks in with deserved punishment. Push it out of your mind though, you are in a committed relationship whereas I wasn't. Now go change into appropriate attire, there is a change in the closet. I had no idea there was a closet and looked around seeing doors I just hadn't paid attention to before. This office is more like a mini apartment, with a kitchenette and a bedroom because there will be many nights you will stay here. She told me which room was which and swatted me on my very sore ass to get me moving. I yelped and went to the bedroom.

The room was a divided walk in closet with a floor length mirror in the center. Peeling off the yoga pants hurt like hell. I turned and looked at my bottom in the mirror, both cheeks had so many welts. I felt my pussy and it was still soaked. My fingers stroked my swollen labia and then I crossed my clit. I shuddered as the most intense orgasm ripped through my body. It was so sudden that moaned so loudly that I just knew Michaela had heard. Usually it takes me a while to get going but the past two days had changed something inside of me. The door opened and I hear Michaela giggling telling me to go ahead and shower. My God, can this day get any worse, I thought. I removed my sports bra and looked around the room, tucked into the corner was a shower stall. I turned the water on and got in. The water was very soothing on my very tender flesh. Over and over I kept reliving the spanking as I lathered my body. I wanted sex, I wanted my Jared, but when I tried to see his face I saw Pete. What is wrong with me? I thought, as I shuddered again with another explosive orgasm. I finished up, so very disappointed and disheartened with my body's betrayal.

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