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The Planthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 3748 words)

Author: mark_jacobs50
Added: Jan 20 2023Views / Reads: 3449 / 2682 [78%]Story vote: 9.61 (18 votes)
A couple spends a night with their dream woman

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The Plan

Krissy and Mark had been dating for two years. It was bliss. They had hit it off during a random meeting while waiting in line at the store. They went out a few times and their romance blossomed from there. The sex was wonderful. Any time, anywhere. It didn't matter. The thrill was there, the lust for one another grew stringer each day. They would fuck whenever they wanted. If they were at a cocktail party and her dress was open just right and it turned him on, he would pull her to a bathroom. Every so often while they were out, she would slip away and send him a pic of a part of her exposed body. He would meet her and they would fuck like it was their last time. They had often talked about adding a third person and both agreed it would be a woman. He didn't care who. He would be happy with any of their female friends and it was no secret amongst their group of friends that Krissy would often have quick flings with women, always to Marks approval.

She had met Carla at the gym. They were both checking in for a cycle class and both had the same pants on. They got to talking and would talk each time they crossed paths at the gym. Carla had asked Krissy if she wanted to grab a bite to eat some time. Carla knew about Mark so Krissy thought nothing of it. The pair would go out to eat, the movies, functions, and so forth together, as friends. Krissy had no idea that Carla was attracted to her. Krissy was very attractive. Many, if not all men, would consider her downright sexy. She was pushing 5'5" with ...

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