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The Housekeeperthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:masturbation, 890 words)

Author: Miss Flower
Added: Aug 14 2001Views / Reads: 5513 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 8.00 (2 votes)
A housekeeper at a three star inn enjoys the end of a long day at work... and finds some company.

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Lessa sighed as she entered the last room that she had to clean that day. She was so tired of cleaning other people's showers and making their beds. All she could really think about was getting home and taking a bath - steaming hot, with lots of bubbles. Then she could get her boyfriend to massage... oh, wait... she no longer had a boyfriend.

She gave the pillows one last fluff and sprayed the air freshener. Not wanting to go home yet to the house she shared with her ex-boyfriend and his best friend, she sat on the newly made bed and watched HBO. She had a habit of turning the TV on while she cleaned, mostly for the background noise to keep herself from going insane.

With a sudden pang of guilty fear, she stood up. This was not her room to lay in... but guilt and fear soon turned to indignation. She had only been tipped once, ever, at this job.

She walked quietly to the door and looked out. No managers, no guests. She wheeled her cleaning cart into the closet and came back to the room. She shut the door, which couldn't be opened without a key card.

As she lay there on the comfy bed, she realized that she had caught the movie right in the middle of some steamy sex scene. She felt as though she should turn it off, but couldn't take her eyes from the copulating couple. It had been ages since she had felt that way. ...

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