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Author: Miss Flower
Added: Aug 26 2001Views / Reads: 1675 / 1071 [64%]Story vote: 10.00 (1 vote)
A widowed queen takes advantage of her position...

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Once upon a time...

There was a beautiful land of mystery and magic, of dragons and unicorns. The land had mountains, lakes, trees, and any other landscape you could care to imagine. This land was also strange in that it was only inhabited by beautiful people. They were people of good soul and good looks.

This land was governed, rather freely and gently, by a beautiful king and queen. They loved each other very much, and they had wonderful sex. Everyone that worked in the castle knew this, and knew when they were having sex. It happened everywhere... the hayloft in the stables, under the table in the banquet hall, and, of course, the royal bedroom.

As will happen in all fairy tales, darkness fell upon the land. As will also happen, the king went off to fight the darkness, and, the battle being won, he never came back. Some say that he gave his life to save the land. A few of the more base people said that it was because the darkness was in the form of whips and chains, wore black leather, and used a bit of magic. Believe whichever you like. The same result is a beautiful, widowed queen.

While a free land, there were a few rules. These rules were pretty harsh, and it took both a queen and king to change them (as well as the ...

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