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Author: Roger
Added: Feb 24 2012Views / Reads: 10485 / 5525 [53%]Story vote: 9.08 (13 votes)
A young couple getting tempted

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One night my wife Paula and I were making love in our bedroom; she was being very coy and seemed more turned on than usual. She proposed a sort of riddle game, with a lot of ‘what if?' questions, like she was testing me to see when I could be jealous. Her first question was rather mild, what if a guy made a pass at her?

"Well, Paula, that would be no surprise," I replied. "In fact, it would be normal because you are a very pretty girl. It's not your fault you look so sexy going around trying to get work."

She said, "I love you," and played with my cock stroking and kissing it. When I was hard she smiled and said to my cock, "You cute little fellow, what if I considered dating another guy? Would you be jealous?"

I became a bit curious about the game. She never played around like that before, and I knew she hasn't dated another guy since we've been married, or hasn't yet dated another guy.

"Do you have an interest in dating other guys?" I was very surprised.

"No, I am not interested really," she answered, but didn't sound very convincing. "What if we had a threesome and brought another person into our bed for me to play with? Would you become jealous then?"

I looked at her in disbelief as we had never discussed such a thing nor even fantasized about doing something like that. A threesome? I was not upset but very surprised indeed.

"What is this, Paula, do you want to have a threesome?"

"Oh no, dear, not exactly, but I went to Blanche's this afternoon and we talked about sex."

Blanche was our middle aged neighbour. She is a tall woman with ample breasts and a nice wide arse, and always dresses well. My surprise went even bigger as she was a very formal and reserved widow. I couldn't picture her sitting and talking about sex.

"Have you talked about sex with Blanche?"

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