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Eyes Wide Openthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:big tits, 2764 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Jul 26 2012Views / Reads: 2795 / 1624 [58%]Story vote: 9.56 (18 votes)
A chance encounter with a curvaceous buxom woman opened my eyes to my sexuality.

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Her big natural breasts jiggled enticingly in a silk blouse as she walked towards me in the half empty hotel bar. She was a big girl, not fat really but tall and curvy with full hips, a narrow waist and enormous tits. Her ass was big and round and swayed gently inside her tight skirt as she walked drawing admiring looks from almost everyone as she moved past them with fluidity and grace.

My eyes followed her and soaked in her beauty. I smiled when her pretty green eyes met mine and my breath caught momentarily in my chest.

She smiled brightly back at me as she stopped walking and stood in front of me with her hands resting on her wide hips, giving her a confident sassy demeanor that I liked a lot. I had never dated or been with a bigger woman before but I had recently found myself drawn to them like a moth to a flame. She was stunningly beautiful with big green eyes, full lips and a crystal clear complexion.

"Like what you see sugar?" She asked in a sweet Texas drawl that sent shivers down my spine. Her big breasts peaked out of her low cut blouse and a simple diamond pendant at the end of a silver chain drew my attention briefly to her generous cleavage.

"Who wouldn't? " I replied with a soft laugh as I fought the urge to look back at her amazing cleavage and held eye contact with her. She was almost the polar opposite of my previous girl friend who was a petite, small breasted blonde with a pixie hair cut and small features and yet she was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen.

"Then why don't you buy me a drink?" She asked confidently. She sat down in the empty chair beside me and stuck out her soft, feminine hand. "I'm Shelly."

"Rob." I took her silky hand and held it as I continued to look into her sparkling green eyes. They were deep green like emeralds and the contrast between them and her long dark brown hair was striking.

We sat, drank and talked for several hours. The conversation flowed smoothly from one subject to the next without a single moment of uncomfortable silence and she even seemed sincere when she laughed at my jokes which was a welcome change from my last girlfriend who

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