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To My Slut Elisethis story is part of the FanClub (bi:transgendered, 652 words)

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My little fuck slut get's a pounding

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Briefly (for now), My sexy, gorgeous, slutty girl, I dream of having you tied, face down with pillows under your hips and breasts, bent over my coffee table with your knees on the ground and your ankles tied together, a rope around your thighs, just above your knees, tied to the coffee table legs. Your wrists in handcuffs and tied above your head and also to the coffee table

I come up behind you lift your skirt up and pull your thong aside and slide a well lubricated plug into your boy pussy. Leaving you exposed and vulnerable I move to your head and tip it to one side. I kneel down and rub the head of my cock along your lips. Your lips part and I slide my cock into your mouth. I grab a handful of your hair just behind your ear. Holding you firmly I start to fuck your mouth. I stretch out my hand and start to tap and thrust on the plug in your ass. Working in rhythm with my thrusts I work the plug in and out of your boy pussy slowly stretching and preparing it for the fucking you so crave.

After what seems like an age I hold your head still and slide my cock backwards out of your willing mouth. I move behind you and slowly remove the plug. Kneeling I grab your hips I move slowly forward until you feel the head of my cock against your little rose bud. I hold still not moving, you try to push back against your binds trying to impale yourself on my dick, but the bonds hold true. A frustrated moan escapes your lips. I laugh and slowly slide my length into you. You groan in pleasure as I slip deep into your boy pussy. I hold you tight for a moment to allow you to get used to me then I slowly start to fuck you. Harder and harder I drive my cock into you making you my little fuck doll.

As my cock drives deep into your slutty hole your little boy clitty hardens and starts to bang against the coffee table. The pain is exquisite and you start to thrust back at me, groaning and moaning in time with my thrusts. I reach under your hips and wrap my strong hand around your boy clitty. Gripping the shaft firmly just below the head I continue to drive my cock deep into your boy pussy. My hand on your boy clitty drives you wild and you hump back against my invading cock and into my gripping hand. Balancing myself against you I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back. This arches your back and, with the change in angle, my throbbing cock slides across your prostate gland. A surprised grunt escapes you and after a couple of more thrusts from me

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