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Author: Max
Added: Mar 02 2013Views / Reads: 9356 / 5704 [61%]Story vote: 9.44 (16 votes)
guy watches his wife used by a man and woman in a hotel by means of a webcam.

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BZZZZZ my phone vibrated against the desk causing a pen to roll onto the floor. I picked it up and checked the screen. 1 new message. I swiped the screen and a text from my wife flashed up. "I'm here. Turn the pc on. xxx" I put the phone down and turned to my computer. It was already on. I was sat in a comfortable black leather and plastic office chair in front of a large desk that was shaped like a semi circle with a 21 inch monitor placed centrally. I had a pile of tissues on the left of the desk, next to a bottle of lube. My right hand rested on my mouse, a sleek little black wireless one that my wife had bought me for Christmas a couple of years back. I closed a couple of windows and opened up a new one. a few clicks later and a feed sprang up. It showed a hotel room. The feed clearly came from a web cam camera that someone had placed about halfway up a wall. It showed a double bed with the head pressed against the far wall and a bedside cabinet to the right of it and a cheap looking armchair to the left. The quilt was pulled off and was partly visible in the bottom of the picture, piled on the floor. The feed also showed my wife. She was sat on the edge of the bed facing directly into the camera. She was wearing a white 'hotel robe', and she was smiling. I should probably take a moment to describe my wife and tell you just why I am using a web cam to watch her sit on a bed in some hotel (I don't know which one).

My wife is about 5ft9. I say 'about' because every official measurement doctors, and anyone has else, have made of her height records her at 5ft8, but she insists she is 5ft9. She has jet black hair which, when I met, was natural, but is now out of a bottle and streaked with flashes of purple since she saw her first grey hair a few months ago. She wears it shoulder length with an off centre parting and often crimps it. Nature has given her a lovely figure which while not quite 'hourglass' starts with slender shoulders, goes in slightly for a slender waist and curves out for lovely shaped thighs. Not to forget lovely long legs. Her butt is big enough to fill a tight pair of jeans, but tight, round and firm, delicious in fact. Her breasts aren't huge, or flat, just slightly smaller than average, but perfectly formed and still high and firm at 33. She has nice full lips, a straight slightly angular nose, and green eyes that remind me of a deep ocean on a sunny day.

We have been married for seven years, together for nine. We met when I was a 27 year old Accountant Technician and she was a 24 year old Teacher trainee. Unlike every couple I've ever met we have no 'story'

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