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A Change of Directionthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:voyeurism, 4014 words) [1/2]

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Jake's photography business is failing and his options are waning until necessity forces a change of direction.

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Jake ripped open the envelope and stared at its offerings, another bill to add to the growing pile. He gave Janie, his assistant, a shrug.

"We have to figure some way to get some cash together Sweetcakes or it's going to be too late to do anything. Any suggestions?" He leaned back and folded his hands behind his head.

"We could always go back to boudoir portraits and...." She offered. "You always had customers for those."

"Ah, we both know why you want to start doing those again, don't we?" he teased. Jake smiled as he remembered the sessions with fondness and watched Janie turn red.

That's when it was discovered that Janie could be swayed to the ‘dark side'. Sure, some of the clients had been borderline horror stories, but others had been simply stunning and oozed sexuality. It was the latter that often led to Janie having to excuse herself mid-shoot to ‘scratch that itch'. Then there was Ramona, a tiny - well put together Latina who was getting a portrait for herself as a kick. She ended up seducing Janie right there in the studio and the session rapidly turned from boudoir to something more - much more. Jake had involved himself and, thanks to his automation system that set cameras off at timed intervals, had some wonderful shots of him fucking Janie as she had her head between Ramona's thighs munching away on the Latina's pussy.

From there, things rapidly got out of hand. Jake often made Janie stick around till the end of the shoot. By then Janie was almost beside herself and they would end up fucking like rabbits. Jake's name got around and his business was booming. He invested, shrewdly he thought, in an updated automation system that controlled video cameras. For an additional fee, clients could bring in their partners and have their own private videos done without strangers in their midst shoving cameras where they shouldn't be. He could control all the action from a booth and give his clients privacy.

Like all good things, that came crashing down when Janie's husband walked in one night and caught him and Janie fucking up a storm. The fuss he caused almost destroyed Jake's business - taking it to the brink. Janie brought him back from his trip down memory lane.

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