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Lost in Lesbian Lustthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:domination, 3331 words) [1/2]

Author: LeAnn McLane
Added: Jan 02 2013Views / Reads: 31174 / 22672 [73%]Part vote: 9.30 (30 votes)
A woman is unintentionally dominated by her neighbor lady

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My neighbor Jan is thirty-seven, married with two teenage daughters. Her body is in excellent shape and I have always found her to be exceptionally attractive. Yet there was something much more about the way she affected me. I would find myself glued to my windows at times when I knew she would be going to or coming home from work, just to catch a glimpse of her. I knew this was weird but I thought about her nearly all the time. I was becoming obsessed with the thoughts of her letting me get down between her legs and lick her pussy. The thoughts of her luscious cunt started to drive me crazy and I was masturbating to this fantasy almost constantly. We were not even really close friends but I started going over there often to have coffee and pressed every way I could to become closer friends with her, even sometimes making a nuisance of myself in my efforts. Perhaps she had experienced similiar relationships before because she seemed to have developed a degree of tolerance for people who wanted to be around her more than she wanted them there.

Our conversations did eventually become more rewarding. I suspect she made statements designed to shock me, perhaps to make me uncomfortable and discourage me from pushing our relationship constantly into ever more intimate areas. However her frank opinions merely made me more voracious; I could not help steering the topics of conversation in those directions and I could not help touching her whenever I found some excuse. She was very aware of how I constantly stared at her. Eventually she seemed to join in as though we were involved in a flirty little game. She would often open her legs while sitting across from me, deliberately exposing a bit of gorgeous thigh that caused my cunt to clench in rigid spasms and I yearned to see more of her lovely legs and even longed to touch her beautiful feet. She was always barefoot when at home and her feet were perfect in every way.

One day I was over there and went in to use the bathroom. To get to the bathroom I had to go by her bedroom. I noticed she had a pair of pink silk panties lying on the the bedroom floor. I could not get these panties out of my mind while using the bathroom. I knew that she must have recently taken them off and they would carry her scent and it would be almost like having my face between her legs. In my mind I could not get past the image of her sliding them down her full, shapely legs and letting them pool on the floor. On my way back from the bathroom I went into her bedroom, picked up her panties and held them up to my face, inhaling her strong, musky scent. I was in heaven. I sat down on the bed, pulled up my skirt and started to play with my pussy while enjoying her wonderful aroma. I knew this was wrong but I could not help myself. It was an opportunity that might never come again and I was helpless, far too weak to stop myself.

Only seconds passed I heard a voice, "Ginny, what on earth are you doing?"

I was jolted by the shock of seeing Jan standing at the doorway looking at me in utter disbelief. I was too ashamed to speak and she just continued, "what are you doing with my soiled panties? Are you smelling of them?"

I started to cry and told her how sorry I was, and explained that things were happening to me that I could not understand. Probably my crying affected her and she began to calm down in an effort to console me. She was trying to be understanding as she held me tenderly, telling me to stop crying, it was no big deal.

"Jan, I don't understand it myself. I've never been aroused by other women but when I get around you I just feel so exhilerated and I want nothing more than to stay with you and be with you. I feel these inexplicable and uncontrollable urges to be with you, to see you, to touch you. It's like a silly school girl crush but more intense than anything I have ever experienced and I desperately want to give myself to you in any way that I can. I have an incredible need to do anything for you that I can to bring you happiness or pleasure. I would be absolutely enraptured if I could only get down on my knees and kiss your thighs and caress your legs." Once started, this elaborate confession simply erupted from deep within myself and just poured out of me.

She was noticeably stunned and confused by my confession, but, seemed to both understand and take pity on me. I am guessing because she is a

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