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These stories were last updated: Sun, 19 November

Erotic fantasies: 3> Lust in an elevator (fm:sex at work, 3817 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Nov 02 2017Views / Reads: 970 / 686 [71%]Story vote: 9.38 (13 votes)
Jumping at the chance to be Stephen Wilde’s PA for the next two weeks while Penny Jenkins was soaking up the sun and, knowing her, having wild and outrageous sex, Pamela Treslove found herself lost in Stephen’s deep brown eyes and handsome looks.
Unacceptable behavior (fm:voyeurism, 3544 words)
Author: Shirley Temple Picture in profile
Added: Nov 01 2017Views / Reads: 1112 / 670 [60%]Story vote: 9.58 (36 votes)
Quite an apt title at the moment with what's going on in the news in the US and over hear in the UK. Personally as far as I'm concerned if anyone acts improperly with me they will get a slap. Or just maybe get lucky!
Elissa's Revenge (fm:interracial, 2332 words)
Author: Jana Cleveland Picture in profile
Added: Oct 31 2017Views / Reads: 702 / 497 [71%]Story vote: 8.67 (15 votes)
A black WAG gets even by having hot sex with an Asian hunk
Our Vacation: Part One (fm:seduction, 5080 words)
Author: Valley Brook
Added: Oct 30 2017Views / Reads: 1251 / 908 [73%]Story vote: 9.59 (22 votes)
Hoping to reconnect after my wife had an interlude with some friends of ours. we decided to pick an exotic location to explore the possibilities.
Becca's Game part 1 (fm:older women/men, 4739 words) [1/2]
Author: jwdoney
Updated: Nov 11 2017Views / Reads: 1815 / 1509 [83%]Story vote: 9.66 (63 votes)
When Ben tries to seduce his mom's best friend Becca, it goes awry and she spins the seduction back on him. First part sets the table to a scorching story of lust, cheating and sex as Ben gets more than he ever imagined possible.
Boob Registration (fm:threesomes, 7831 words)
Author: Erlikkhan Picture in profile
Added: Oct 24 2017Views / Reads: 2428 / 2072 [85%]Story vote: 9.64 (36 votes)
Amy and Liz are told they need to get their boobs registered by a hotel detective. There have been complaints. They follow him to his office...
Life begins at 50... (fm:one-on-one, 5066 words)
Author: Kiwihef
Added: Oct 20 2017Views / Reads: 2141 / 1714 [80%]Story vote: 9.53 (68 votes)
After becoming a widower I try the dating scene but soon realize, that's not for me... life takes an interesting turn. *************** This is a fiction and has no connections with any person or instances etc...
The Straying Wife (fm:adultery, 4906 words)
Author: David's dreams
Added: Oct 18 2017Views / Reads: 2905 / 1801 [62%]Story vote: 8.54 (26 votes)
A beautiful, buxom wife, long neglected by her husband, falls into the arms of another man.
One Heck Of A Prize (fm:slut wife, 3163 words)
Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profile
Added: Oct 15 2017Views / Reads: 3974 / 3473 [87%]Story vote: 8.77 (62 votes)
My company gives away 5 free trips and I win one of them....
The Bucket Game (fm:female domination, 1941 words)
Author: Jack's Place Picture in profile
Added: Oct 07 2017Views / Reads: 2031 / 992 [49%]Story vote: 8.23 (13 votes)
Sex Toy, a bucket? Yes! And with fiendish results! Written by my wife.

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