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Let Sleeping Dogs Cumthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:oral sex, 3424 words)

Author: Naughty Miranda Picture in profile
Added: Nov 03 2012Views / Reads: 4149 / 2899 [70%]Story vote: 9.61 (38 votes)
A business trip goes slightly off plan... and a romantic evening follows it. But everything turns out okay in the end!

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"What's the most common lie that a guy tells his girlfriend?" Sharon's eyes were glittering with delight.

Mary shook her head. "I don't know."

"'I promise I won't come in your mouth.' And what's the most common lie a girl tells him?"

"I don't know."


Mary smiled briefly, and then frowned. "I don't get it."

"Oh come on. ‘I won't come in your mouth' - ‘good.' The two biggest lies."

I sank down in my seat. Someone once told Sharon she was South Philly's answer to the singer Amy Winehouse, and I'm not sure that they meant it nicely. It's the accent, I think, an unholy cross between fingernails on a chalkboard, and a fax machine that smokes too much. But I love her to bits, and I love to see her in full flight as well. She's hours of fun, she laughs like a drain, and if you don't understand her sense of humor, she might as well be speaking Swahili. Which, judging from the look on Mary's face, is what she's doing right now.

"Okay, let me spell it out for you." Slowly, patiently, and a lot more facetiously than could ever have been necessary, Sharon explained her not-so-funny joke, then turned to me in triumph. "Chrissie gets it, don't you Chrissie?"

I nodded.

"Every time," Sharon concluded, then threw her head back in a violent laugh.

Mary looked at me curiously. "Really? And you like it?"

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