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Stranded downtown after I miss the last bus, there's only one sure way of getting a bed for the night

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I knew I'd missed the last bus even before I reached the stop, and while there was always the hope that it was running late tonight, one look at the deserted shelter let me know I was stuck. I lit a cigarette and considered my options - either start walking, and hope that the cold didn't turn to rain as well, or head back to the club and see if there was someone I knew... or could get to know... who'd give me a bed for the night.

So I guess you could say I wasn't being too picky when I caught the guy's eye who was staring across the dancefloor. But sizing him up as he made his way towards me, pushing through the gyrating bodies that packed the place despite the late hour, I figured things could have been worse. Good build, nice height, not badly dressed, a tat on one short-sleeved arm which would at least give me a way to open a conversation if I needed to.


He came up beside me, a beer in one hand. "How you doing?"

Not "what are you drinking," but maybe he'd get to that. For some reason, I could really have done with one, and he went right up in my estimation when he filled the first silence between exploratory sentences by asking if I was thirsty. I went for a Rolling Rock, and as he pushed his way to the bar, I followed a few steps behind him.

His name was Adam, he was a cab driver. I joked that he must be a useful person to know, and he grinned. Half of his friends, he said, seemed to have him on speed dial, and a lot of their friends as well. "But I'm off duty tonight," he concluded, and I tried to gauge what he meant by that - either he was warning me against trying to grab a cheap ride home; or he was letting me know we weren't going to be disturbed.

He asked me dance; of course I agreed, and as closing time approached and the deejay swung into the traditional last few slowies, the way he held me made it clear that I wouldn't be walking home tonight. He was as muscular as he looked, his back firm and strong, his arms,tool. I could feel his anticipation elsewhere as well as he jammed himself against me and his heat... and hardness... radiated through his pants.

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