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Writer's profile for 'Misbehaving_Angel'
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Email address Sleepy_lil_angel_69@yahoo.com
State Texas *Yee Haw*
Country U.S.A. *Hell Ya!*
Birthdate 01-15-85 *Capricorns Rule!*
Sex Female
Marital state SINGLE AS HELL LOL
Profession I have 2 part time jobs, but i'm a Full-time lover
Short bio im 19, and i love to write these dirty lil things. a soldier friend of mine prompted me to post them.. soooo here i am :)
Comments if it sucks, tell me it sucks.. but tell me why and how 2 fix it.. if you can't.. then shut up :).. if im good stroke my ego baby i need it.. oh ya i have some Dom/sub stories but im afraid 2 try 2 post them becuz they have a rape theme.. any suggetions?

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'Misbehaving_Angel' has written 1 stories (1 in archive):

"Other Woman"this story is part of the FanClub (fm:adultery, 1592 words)
Author: Misbehaving_Angel Picture in profile
Added: May 21 2004Views / Reads: 1589 / 1022 [64%]Story vote: 8.38 (13 votes)
This is basically a short scene where a woman not only catches her husband cheating on her... but secretly (or maybe not so secretly *wink*)"enjoys the view". This is my first sumbmission be gentle *lol*

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