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Writer's profile for 'M.Man'
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Country UK
Birthdate 1964
Sex Male
Marital state Sure am.

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'M.Man' has written 6 stories (6 in archive):

The Text Messagethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:voyeurism, 1575 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: M.Man
Updated: Aug 27 2008Views / Reads: 1379 / 989 [72%]Story vote: 9.00 (12 votes)
A man watches his wife masturbate from the garden.
Happy Birthdaythis story is part of the FanClub (fm:cuckold, 3433 words)
Author: M.Man
Added: Dec 04 2007Views / Reads: 2331 / 1930 [83%]Story vote: 8.36 (11 votes)
Revised for cuckold catergory. A man gives his wife the chance of a threesome for her birthday but she can't decide which man to choose out of a set of three guys! The choice is left to the husband to decide and he chooses all of them for her!!!
The Office Blackmailerthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:sex at work, 3979 words)
Author: M.Man
Added: Nov 04 2007Views / Reads: 7451 / 6533 [88%]Story vote: 8.14 (7 votes)
Could be in a few catergories but have chosen this one, a first time romantic office one on one is spoilt by a blackmailing voyeur, or is it?
The Partythis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 2654 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: M.Man
Updated: Aug 04 2007Views / Reads: 4150 / 3696 [89%]Story vote: 9.21 (14 votes)
I have put this in threesomes (straight) not really sure. Two ladies get together after a lingerie party but one of their hubby's get in on the act near the end.
The Accidental Threesomethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 3592 words)
Author: M.Man
Added: Jun 12 2007Views / Reads: 5562 / 3586 [64%]Story vote: 9.00 (11 votes)
An easy mistake causes a big problem, however all is not how it seems.
The Dreamthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 4072 words)
Author: M.Man
Added: May 30 2007Views / Reads: 1580 / 1267 [80%]Story vote: 9.20 (10 votes)
My first try at a fantasy story. Tried to make it erotic and not too porny. A man introduces a second man to a massge for his wife, much to her delight.

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