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My Petthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:male domination, 1908 words)

Author: Mimispet
Added: Dec 03 2001Views / Reads: 2266 / 1393 [61%]Story vote: 9.00 (3 votes)
She is my slave, she will as I tell her to any where I say and tonight I show her this yet again.

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I call you from the car..."I'll be home in 15 mins. I want to come in to you dressed in your black leather skirt, black very high heels, no bra, white button up shirt two buttons done and tied at your waist, collor on - leash attached and ready for me..." do you got that?....Yes master...in a breathy needy tone..."oh, one more thing. I want you wearing your strap on." you stammer.."but, am I subbie or do you need to be dommed?" you are confused by being dressed and in your subbie uniform (collar and leash) but the strap on is usualy how you dom...I answer "You were told what to wear. You were not asked questions. Now go and get dressed. Be prepared for me in the leather chair. You have 12 min's now."...Yes, master my good little subbie replies.

I guess you know I am in charge...its just a change for us...and I am so looking forward to it that I am getting hard in the car...When I get to the door I do not use my key to enter...I knock making you come let me in...No one could tell you have a cock on under your outfit...you look great...nails and lips red...shirt barely hiding your wonderful pierced tits...I hand you my bag and tell you to put it by the bedroom door...you do and bend so I can see up your skirt...oh nice little whore...I am already very hard...I say "oh Damn, I did not get the mail...lets go down and get it together"...you blush, fiddle with your shirt...smooth your skirt...trying to see how much you will be revealing in public..you know I will make you go...this excites you and worries you at the same time.


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