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Author: MorganHawke Picture in profile
Added: Apr 05 2002Views / Reads: 2206 / 1677 [76%]Story vote: 9.11 (9 votes)
The Ultimate Virtual Sex Program.

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The Ultimate Virtual Sex Program

For Jay

Carefully, Jay laid the compact disk in the CD tray, then watched it slowly retreat into the bowels of his computer. Colors danced across the monitor until a blue field filled the screen with the title 'Virtual Sex'. A gray box with a single button commanded the very center of the blue field entitled: 'Go'.

He eyed the simple gray button with doubt in his green eyes. Jay picked up the colorful envelope that had originally contained the rainbow hued disk then leaned back in his tall-backed leather office chair.

"The most realistic virtual sex experience of a lifetime," he read out loud sarcastically. Below the advertisement blurb was the word 'demo.' He flipped the envelope over and glanced at the back. Totally blank; no pictures or even text.

"Right, sure, and I'm only supposed to use my headphones with this thing?" he said, raising a skeptical brow. As an experienced programmer Jay had run across lots of programs touting themselves as 'virtual sex.' Nothing so far had come close to living up to its name. ...

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