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Tracy Sharesthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 7094 words)

Author: Mr Will
Added: Jul 30 2002Views / Reads: 5075 / 3295 [65%]Story vote: 8.83 (6 votes)
Tracy and Mark invite a friend to join them for an evening of fun.

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Tracy had no idea what to do, other than think about what she wanted. Alan was there on her couch, talking with her boyfriend, Mark. She thought Mark might be serious about their conversation a few days ago, where he mentioned adding to their bedroom experiences. But was he really serious?

Alan visited often enough since he only lived a few hours away, so it wasn't unusual that he was here now. Hunting season, fishing season, and many a holiday saw Alan staying at Mark's place. But she felt tension in the air. Or was she just nervous thinking about the possibilities? She dismissed the thought at first, but recalled her conversation with Mark.

They had been playing a favorite game they enjoyed, asking each other questions. Essentially they were playing Truth Or Dare - Bedroom Style. Since Tracy and Mark began living together after dating for a reasonable amount of time, they were comfortable with each other, yet still didn't know each others complete lists of secrets and desires. That's where the game came in handy.

Mark had asked about her first time, and she described it. Tracy had asked about his "dream location" to have sex, and he responded. Rarely did either person not answer, since both enjoyed the turn-on of sharing intimate details. Tracy was skeptical of most men, Mark included, which lead her to ask how he felt about being with two women at the ...

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