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A doctor's visitthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:one-on-one, 2083 words)

Author: Mscreamythighs
Added: Dec 05 2002Views / Reads: 1551 / 1183 [76%]Story vote: 8.25 (4 votes)
Dan and Mary continue their adventures. This time it's roleplaying at the doctor's office. While no names are used in this story, if you read A Fantasy Fulfilled, you will recognize their pet names for each other. This is a stand alone story, but you w

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Who would've thought she could get so lucky? She had one of the greatest guys around. He took such great care of her. He fulfilled all her needs. He was so handsome, she loved to just sit and look at him. Not only was he great to look at, but he had a great imagination. She loved to play pretend with him. Playing doctor was one of her favorites. But then, that was because he made it so real. He had arranged to borrow Doc's office for today. She was glad it was a Sunday, nobody would be about.

She nervously waited on the exam table for him. He had even laid out an exam gown for her, with a note for her to undress, put it on, and wait. She had used the little changing room off to the side to undress, and had folded her clothes neatly. She knew that if she left a mess, he would not be happy with her. She hoped she didn't have to wait long. It was cold in the room, and her nipples were getting hard from the chill. She wanted to rub them, to warm them, but knew that if she started, she would be unable to stop.

The waiting was actually making her wetter. She knew she would need relief soon. She wondered if he would make her wait long. She hoped not, the need to touch herself was becoming intense. Maybe one little touch wouldn't hurt. As she had that thought, she heard his step in the hallway. She looked up as he pushed the door open. He was wearing a lab coat, fully buttoned. She allowed her eyes to scan him, taking in the stethoscope around his neck. As her eyes wandered lower, she noted with ...

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