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I wanted to be touched, to be taken, to feel you deep inside (finished version)this story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 2158 words)

Author: mandy Picture in profile
Added: Jan 25 2009Views / Reads: 716 / 159 [22%]Story vote: 9.50 (4 votes)
Learning how to take it slow.

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It can be such torture to be excited about an evening but not know EXACTLY what may happen, My mind moves around certain ideas, certain desires but knowing that may not be it. I feel my body start to ache and move in anticipation, yet for what?

To feel your hands run across my flesh? To hear you whisper the words that cause my insides to flutter? To feel your soft lips press upon mine, the swirl increasing, the desire rising, a slight moan escaping

As I sit here I imagine more intense touches, more vulnerable positions

I imagine myself on my back like it has been discussed in the past, my head hanging part way off the bed for easy access, my body naked, exposed,

My legs are spread...wide

Feeling your skin brush across my shoulder, my face, my eyes, my head I gulp as you stand in front of my head. You are naked, your cock is so close to the edge of my lips, I want to devour it.

As you bend and work your magic tying first one hand, then the other, I feel your cock bounce on my face. My tongue reaching out to touch it only to be told "ah ah ah, not yet" and I bring my tongue back in.


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