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Sex Ahoy- Part 19this story is part of the FanClub (ff:one-on-one, 3210 words) [19/20] show all parts

Author: slyfox Picture in profile
Added: Mar 21 2017Views / Reads: 206 / 66 [32%]Part vote: 10.00 (3 votes)
Still unable to determine Jennifer's situation. Lynn has a traumatic experience.

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Sex Ahoy - CH 19 By Slyfox

11:22 P.M.. Jo and I are lying in bed, my laptop powered up and sitting on the bedside table. We're cracking jokes, most of them dirty, and some being what we'd like to do to Assa. Anyone entering the house would think they walked in on a teen girl's sleepover based on the silly, wine induced giggling fits.

I was ready when Jennifer's face appeared on the Skype screen, but I don't think she was ready for us.

"Are you both drunk?" she asked.

"Oh hell no," Jo replied,

"Not yet anyway," I added, and that, of course, triggered another round of laughter.

"So what's the status there?" I asked, "and why aren't you naked?"

"Oh god, honey, give me a minute," she said, "I'm so tired."

"You do sound exhausted," Jo said.

She was silent or several minutes as she stripped, leaned back into a ...

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