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My Kinky Birthday (fm:group, 8338 words)

Author: Jillbaby Picture in profile
Added: Apr 23 2018Views / Reads: 6399 / 5286 [83%]Story vote: 9.84 (103 votes)
This describes a birthday which is very memorable because the gift was my first-time experience of a couple of very exciting sexual activities. My boyfriend at the time promised me a lovely and surprising birthday evening. It certainly was that!

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My Kinky Birthday

Copyright - 2018 - by Jillbaby

When people talk about special treats they have been given on their birthday, I always think of a very unusual birthday I had some years ago, before I started work as a porn model. It fell on a Saturday and Brian, my boyfriend at the time, promised me a great evening to remember. He wouldn't reveal any details except that it included going out for a meal.

At the time we hadn't been together for very long. He gave off sexual vibes in nearly everything he did, even simple gestures or expressions. It's hard to explain but women will know what I mean. By then I was very sexually experienced. We found that we shared a keen appetite for imaginative sex and we had been gradually revealing our sexual fantasies to each other. Brian had already confessed to me that he had a fetish for sharing his girlfriends with other men. I was to learn a lot more about that as time went on, although up to the time of these events, we hadn't tried it.

I started to get ready for the evening and decided to wear my most daring cheongsam dress. I love the cheongsam style and have several different types. The tight-fitting design suits my slim figure and the tight bodice supports my smallish but firm breasts, so I have no need for a bra. The shorter versions that I have, really set off my long legs, particularly because of the side slits which show acres of thigh as I walk or sit

I chose one in moss-green silk, a color that goes well with my long auburn hair and blue/green eyes. It is sleeveless and the front has the traditional Chinese fastening around the throat with no neckline. The hem is just above the knee but has side-splits on each side to about four inches below my hipbone. Since I am five feet eight tall, that leaves a lot of thigh on view. As I often do, I decided not to wear a thong for that special night, so I was completely naked beneath the smooth, caressing green silk. The dress might sound slutty but the elegant smooth design and high neck actually give it a touch of oriental class. I had carefully smoothed model's sheen-oil all over my body, giving a lovely gleam to my bare legs. My pale coral varnished toenails peeped through my black open sandals that have ankle straps and three-inch stiletto heels.

"You look stunning," Brian said when he saw me dressed.

He looked very handsome in a pale grey suit, black silk shirt, and black loafers. We kissed and he produced a chilled bottle of champagne, and a nicely wrapped gift.

I had already received a birthday gift of perfume from him; a lovely fragrant floral blend that I had applied lavishly to my breasts and between my thighs.

"Don't open it until we've had some champagne," Brian said as he popped the cork and filled our glasses.

When I finally unwrapped the gift, I found a bullet-shaped object that was about the same size, and looked like, the top, rounded part of a big vibrator. A short, silken cord was attached to the flat end. Although I had never used one, I realized that it was a vibrating vaginal love-egg, having seen them in online catalogues.

I held the smooth rubbery "egg" and to my surprise it started to vibrate vigorously. I almost dropped it instinctively as the tingling sensation ran up my wrist,

"God..." I grunted. "How did you do that?"

With his cheeky, sexy grin, Brian explained that the vibrating love egg was operated by the wireless remote control in his hand. The top of the range model could work from a distance of up to thirty yards. He demonstrated how the intensity of the sensations could be controlled from gentle throbbing to very strong vibrations. The egg was almost completely silent apart from a gentle hum.

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orangecrush1985 writes Tue 22 May 2018 00:21:

Another masterful story. Always a pleasure reading your stories.


Tommeee writes Wed 2 May 2018 20:15:

Another winner, great as always


McDuff (guest) writes Wed 25 Apr 2018 16:39:

always a pleasure reading you


Jo Jo writes Wed 25 Apr 2018 13:55:

Love it

JO xxxxxxxx


Alan007 writes Mon 23 Apr 2018 15:38:

Happy Birthday Jill-baby.
Id stand in line for some of that...~!
What a lucky Egg...damn it, sometimes eggs get all the Pussy?


"Bill -BFT-S" writes Mon 23 Apr 2018 15:20:

Great story


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