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The Nude Weekend - Saturday Night (fm:group, 12924 words)

Author: Friskee_cpl Picture in profile
Added: Jun 21 2018Views / Reads: 3568 / 2645 [74%]Story vote: 9.80 (15 votes)
Sharon gets into the swing of things and tries anal for the first time.

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Sharon scanned the gathering of naked men and women around the table and smiled. There was not one dickhead amongst them. It was rare, in any situation, to be amongst a group of like-minded folk who all agreed on pretty much everything. There was never any discussion of religion or politics mind you, mainly just sport, entertainment and of course, sex.

During the meal the phone rang and Caz hopped up to answer it. A massive smile spread across her face and she subconsciously ran her hand down around her pussy as she spoke.

"It's going to be a big night tonight," she said, "Another six people to add to the list." She looked over at Lisa and said "Greg's coming."

"How many are coming?" Sharon asked excitedly. "And who's Greg?"

"That makes," Caz did a quick calculation in her head, "36 people."

"Fuck!" Sharon said in amazement. "36 people? Does that include us?"

"Actually," Caz looked at the French visitors, "We'll be losing a few after dinner."

"Sorry," Clement said, "We're going into the city for a concert tonight."

"Damn," Sharon slumped back in her chair, "When will you be home?"

"Who knows," Sophia said, "Maybe we'll get lucky."

"Umm," Karen coyly popped her hand up, "I have to go soon too, as do Mike and John."

"What are you three up to?" Caz asked.

"There's this new club that's opened," Karen said, "It's out in the mountains, a fair way, I thought I'd check it out."

"A new club?" Caz smiled, "That's awesome."

"I'm allowed to bring two guys and even if it's really lame, I get to take these two back to the hotel," Karen rubbed Mike's cock.

"Well let's hope it's a success so we can all go out one weekend," Caz held up her wine glass in celebration. "So that makes about 40 or so in total," Caz continued and directed herself at Sharon, "Will that be enough for you?"

Sharon giggled and nodded, "I'm sure I'll be fine. Who is this Greg guy?"

"I'm sure you'll work out why Greg is so popular once you meet him." Neil reached over and squeezed her left nipple, sending a bolt of electricity through her.

Sharon was about to reach over and start wanking his cock but Caz recognised her devious smile and interrupted proceedings.

"Our first guests will be here very soon so I nominate Sharon and Marcus to greet everyone as they arrive," Caz said and handed them a handwritten list. "Just cross their names off the list, help them get undressed, hang their clothes and Lisa will pass around the drinks.'

"No problem," Sharon was eager to see who was coming so she knocked her wine down, poured herself another and circled Greg's name. "Shall we?" she said to Marcus.

As they prepared for the new visitors, clearing space in the front room, setting out glasses of champagne, wine and beer in the hall, the four French guests began to dress themselves. Sharon though, decided to tease them.

She made space in the middle of the room and sat a chair down in the middle. Marcus figured that she was up to something and just let her be. As soon as she saw them coming down the hall, she sat on the chair

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ski writes Fri 29 Jun 2018 07:19:

I'd love a picture of Sharon. Even more if she were airtight!


Jeff Price (guest) writes Thu 21 Jun 2018 18:01:

Sure send a picture of Sharon. Liked your story


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