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Finding my groove (fm:seduction, 4955 words) [1/4] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Jun 30 2018Views / Reads: 2082 / 1787 [86%]Part vote: 9.44 (55 votes)
Being married with a great sex life for 15 years was fantastic. I felt fulfilled until my husband suddenly died. I needed to find a new way to express my sexuality and I found it with Tom.

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Hi, my name is Kathleen and I am new here to erotic stories. This is my first story ever and I hope you like it. It starts a bit slow, but you need to know what my life was like before and after Tom. If you like this, I will submit more of my story and share the growth I had in my sexuality with Tom and others in the following years. Please be kind and vote.

I was married for 15 years before my husband suddenly died. We got married at age 20 and I would have told you that our sex life was great. We had sex three times a week and while I can never remembering having an orgasm, I was completely satisfied. My husband of 15 years was the only guy that I ever loved and ever shared my body with. He was the only penis I ever saw, at least up close. There was a time or two that I saw my older brother when he came out of the shower, but that doesn't really count. After all he saw my naked breasts far more times than that. I was never overly cautious about walking around my bedroom naked and rarely completely shut my bedroom door. Looking back, maybe I was a bit of a tease but while I would have denied it, I did secretly enjoy showing my brother my body.

I fell in love with my husband back in high school and he was a year older. We kissed and made out at the drive-in and we even felt up each other but never exposed ourselves to each other until our wedding night. Again, looking back, that was my boyfriend's/husband's idea not mine. A girl who lets her brother get glimpses of his sister naked would probably have been an easy target for any boyfriend to at least expose her breasts as they made out, but it never happened. Our sex life transformed into a three time a week love session which almost always ended with my husband on top in the missionary position coming into my vagina after about 15 - 20 minutes of lave making. He never "went down" on me or I him. But, as I said, it was very satisfying to both of us and we never felt like we were missing anything.

Then the shock on my life came the night a police officer showed up on my doorstep late one Wednesday night and told me that my husband was killed in a very violent car accident. I never even got to see him again even at the funeral as the violent accident was so violent that it had to be a closed casket. I really regret not being able to see him one last time and say goodbye before he was buried and gone forever from my life.

For the next two years I was so very, very lonely. We never had children and my only living relative, my brother lived a thousand miles away. My friends tried to be there but their lives kept them busy and I didn't want to trouble them with my problems. One night I decided to go for a walk in my small central Ohio town and the local bar had a song playing that I really liked. It seemed harmless enough so even though I was not much of a drinker, I entered the bar and tentatively took a seat in the corner at a small table. Ordering a white wine, I guess I looked like what I was - a lonely vulnerable woman in the prime of her sex life. I immediately attracted unwanted attention. I was about to leave right after the third guy approached for to ask me to dance. He had one drink too many and wouldn't allow me to leave without making an unwanted advance. Suddenly a white night appeared and ran interference for me and the guy was sent to another part of the bar to potentially bother someone else.

My white knight asked if I was ok and I said yes, but I just wanted to go home. He offered to walk me home and while I was on guard, he seemed nice enough, so I allowed him to walk me the 6 or 7 blocks home. His name was Tom and I told him my name was Helen (I lied). When we got to the house, I thanked him and quickly turned and went behind the gate and started up the sidewalk. "Helen!" he called. I didn't immediately turn around because that was not my real name. "Helen!" he called louder. I turned around and he looked so handsome and yet vulnerable staring at me when he asked my phone, I gave it to him without thinking. Then, as I turned to go in my house, I felt guilty about lying about my name so I turned around and said, "By the way, my real name is Kathleen."

Looking confused, he said, "Ok, Kathleen, I'll call you tomorrow if that is ok."

"Yea, that's ok. Please call me tomorrow and ask for Kathleen, ok? I smiled and I think he understood what just happened. At least he never

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Deep Diver X writes Fri 6 Jul 2018 05:26:

Great story, Kathleen, especially for your first time.

Is this a true story, based mostly on truth with some embellishment or pure fiction?


bigjon844 writes Thu 5 Jul 2018 17:16:

Hi Kathleen;
What a debut! Now you know the audience is waiting for more great tales of exploration.
Have a wonderful day and awesome night!


PJ writes Thu 5 Jul 2018 05:55:

Good story. I hope to see more from you.
Thank you for sending in your stories!


Chew Chee (guest) writes Tue 3 Jul 2018 01:48:

Enjoyed your story! Post the next part!


11009988 writes Sat 30 Jun 2018 22:10:

Very well written and enticed to hear more!


MISTY166 writes Sat 30 Jun 2018 19:23:



Brick writes Sat 30 Jun 2018 15:11:

Great story!!! How long b4 part 2?


terry writes Sat 30 Jun 2018 11:30:

well that was a very well written and VERY sexy story , Kathleen.
i really enjoyed it. tthe build up was amazing.Thank you.
i scored you a 10
Terry xxx


terry writes Sat 30 Jun 2018 11:28:

well that was a very well written and VERY sexy story Kathleen. the build up was great. i really enjoyed it thanks. i scored you a 10 xxxx


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