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Finding my groove (fm:exhibitionism, 2107 words) [2/4] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Jul 03 2018Views / Reads: 1220 / 909 [75%]Part vote: 9.41 (22 votes)
Continuation of my erotic journey.

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Hi, my name is Kathleen and I have been widowed for 2 years after a 15 year marriage. I met a guy named Tom just two days ago and my life has changed forever. I already swallowed my first load of cum ever from a guy and then dreamt of Tom fucking one of his old girlfriends while I watched from a dark corner of the room. My new sexuality brought me to a morning when I didn't want to go to work or do anything really except be with my new "boyfriend".

I called into work after talking to Tom who had some time coming for his vacation and since I never took a vacation since my husband's death two years ago, I had 4 weeks to take as I needed. Well, I needed it! I took 3 weeks off to discover if this was something I really wanted. Tom was able to take a couple of weeks and so we had 14 days to discover each other. By noon, we had already made love and everything seemed more "normal than ever before". I showered and put on my sexiest red bra and panties and we cuddled on the couch watching a romantic comedy on Showtime. There was a masturbation scene with one woman being watched by another as she got herself off. It seemed very real, but I am sure it was simulated. That is when things turned. Tom asked me if I masturbated and while I was very embarrassed, I told him the truth. "On rare occasions."

"How rare?" he asked.

"3 or 4 times a year." I admitted truthfully.

"When was the last time?" he asked.

"Truthfully," I said very nervously, "two nights ago."

"We just met three days ago! Wait, did you get yourself off right after we met? Holy shit! Was it because of me . . . I mean us?"

I felt the blush rising in my cheeks and my face felt hot as I admitted to my indiscretion. "Yes, it was the first night after we met. I dreamt that I was lying in bed beside you and I couldn't help touching myself."

"Whoa, you dreamt of me and you in bed and this was BEFORE we actually slept together for the first time. WHAT THE FUCK, Kathleen, are you psychic or something? Holy shit! Tell me more!" he demanded.

"Not much more to tell. We were in bed in my sexy red bra and panties . . . "

"You mean the ones you were actually wearing the night we actually fucked?"

"No, we never really "fucked" that night . . ."

"Ok, so that was the same bra and panties you were wearing when I ate your cunt and you sucked me off? Is that more accurate?"

"Look, Tom, I don't use that kind of language, but yes, it was the same bra and panty outfit, ok? I am not psychic, just lucky, I guess." We looked at each other and laughed as we both realized the irony of my choice of words.

"Yea, Kathleen, we both got lucky that night and I want to get lucky again tonight. So how about showing me what you did that first day. Play with yourself for me", he begged. I reached for my thigh but he stopped me. "Not here honey. I want a better seat to watch the show, ok?" He set the stage with care. He pulled a chair over to face the window and then opened the curtains a bit to backlight me and my actions. He asked me to stand in front of the window and when he was satisfied with the setting and his front row view, he asked me to dance.

"I can't dance like that, Tom. It too creepy."

He got up quickly and turned on the radio finding some good dance music put it on very loud before he returned to his viewing position. "Just start swaying a bit sweetheart. Move your hips back and forth like we are dancing together alone on a dance floor." With that he got up and started to slow dance with me. The music didn't match our dance, so he

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bigjon844 writes Thu 5 Jul 2018 17:22:

Hi Kathleen;
Good story - the way your heroine heats up as her curiosity grows is delicious!
Keep up the great work!


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