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Finding my groove (fm:exhibitionism, 4049 words) [3/4] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Jul 13 2018Views / Reads: 1002 / 689 [69%]Part vote: 9.27 (15 votes)
The slut make her first appearance

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Please read the first two parts as this part does not review what was written in the first two parts. This picks up right after part 2 ends.

Tom disappeared for a short time. I don't honestly know how long as I was exhausted and very, very satisfied as I came twice that night. I had closed my legs but still remained on the floor when Tom came back into the room. He asked if I was alright and I just nodded as he bodily picked me up (easily I noticed - I realized he must be strong I thought as I weigh about 140). He carried me to the bathroom where a hot bubble bath was waiting for me. He placed me gently in the tub and the hot water felt soooo good, I thought I would melt. Tom gently found my luffa and slowly rubbed my back. It felt so lovely and I felt secure and loved by I guy I had only known for a few days. I relaxed in hos care and allowed him to use the luffa wherever he chose.

"Stand up." He softly commanded and I obeyed. He luffaed my butt and my thighs and then asked me to open my legs a bit. He started on the insides of my thigh and headed north until he lightly grazed my well used vagina. I never had done before what he did next. Standing beside me he bent over a bit and with his right hand opened my vaginal lips wide as he then gently, so gently rubbed the luffa between the open lips. I was still sensitive but if felt so assertive that I relaxed and let him do whatever he wanted. If felt good to feel the luffa but it felt better to give control to Tom.

"Bend over a bit." He instructed and I did what he asked. He spread my ass cheeks and I knew he could see parts of me (asshole) in a way no one ever - EVER saw me before. The luffa cleaned those parts and his hand remained a bit longer on my asshole than I thought necessary, but as he pushed his thumb into my second hole, he took control and started another narrative. "I really like your pussy and asshole, Kathleen. I owned your mouth and pussy and soon, if you let me, I will own your ass." I tensed up as I began to fear what was coming next, but he must have sensed my intrepidation as he changed his gentle dialog. His thumb never left my asshole however, as he continued to rub me with luffa in his left hand.

"Kathleen, do you know that 1 out of every 6 woman in the US do not OWN panties? I said OWN panties, not wear panties. One out of six. It has been studied and that is a known fact. It really makes you think, Kathleen. One in FUCKING six. I go to the mall and just sit there watching the women go by and wonder who does and who doesn't" With anyone else this would have been very, very creepy but my trust level grew to such a point that I remained hooked by his thumb up my ass and allowed him to go on. "We need to go shopping, Kathleen. I want to buy some special things for you. Mostly clothes and maybe some lingerie, but nothing weird." My ass wiggled a bit involuntarily and we both knew that someday something other than Tom's thumb were going up that passage. Tom then removed his thumb and placed it in his mouth as he sucked the damn thing clean. I never in my life saw anything like that before. It was so dirty and yet so erotic.

He dried and then carried me to bed. I was carefully placed under the covers naked and Tom left as he turned out the lights clearly wanting me to go to sleep which I promptly did. About 45 minutes later I jumped awake and could hear the TV in the living room, so I got out of bed and put on my robe and went to see what was happening in the other room. Tom was sitting there with his cell apparently texting something to someone unknown. "Hi." I meekly said not wanting to startle him or seem like I was snooping. He looked over his shoulder and putting his cell phone down turned to guide me to the couch beside him. We cuddled for about 15 minutes before cuddling turned into fondling. He pulled me on top and as my robe was not tied, it fell open, my nipples rubbing against his bare chest.

"Kathleen, I have been thinking about you and why you respond so obediently to me whenever, you really don't know me."

"Woman know more than you think, Tom, and while I might be blinded by my lust for you and what you bring into my house, I still trust you. Please don't hurt me, Tom. I trust you and I just hope that you will not hurt me."

"Trust me, Kathleen, I would never hurt you. I might push your

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