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Finding my groove (fm:slut wife, 3946 words) [4/7] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Jul 18 2018Views / Reads: 1811 / 1306 [72%]Part vote: 9.56 (25 votes)
After 10 days of exploring my sexual limits, Tom and I take one more step towards my total transformation

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Part 4

My name is Kathleen. I was married for 15 years before my husband suddenly died. We got married at age 20 and I would have told you that our sex life was great. We had sex three times a week and while I can never remembering having an orgasm, I was completely satisfied. My husband of 15 years was the only guy that I ever loved and ever shared my body with. That was until I met Tom. Tom came into my life suddenly about a week and a half ago and my sex life, well, my entire life, has changed into something I wouldn't have recognized even last month.

We have just been kicked off a mall parking lot where I openly and flagrantly exposed myself as I sucked Tom off in broad daylight. My ass was high in the air and naked as Tom had collected my panties earlier in the day. As I knelt in the front seat, a security guard discovered us and told us to get a room and never come back. We left but I got my reward as Tom came in my mouth before the security guard could evict us from the property. I, of course, swallowed every drop and, using my finger to collect the overflow, put his cum back into my mouth. The taste remained in my mouth for several miles as we drove to the next mall to complete our task of buying a few things Tom wanted me to have. We laughed along the way and talked about the security guard and the expression on his face as he saw my naked ass and pussy as I sucked Tom off.

"Wonder if there was a video tape of us?" Tom asked as we speculated of how we were found out.

"You mean there might be a sex tape out there of us?" I added, surprised by my reaction to that thought. Instead of embarrassment, I felt a sexual excitement knowing that probably several security people are watching, even now, and wondering how many made a trip to the bathroom to relieve their sexual tension we created. My fingers drifted to my crotch as I gently touched my clitoris in response to my excitement. Tom notices everything that I do so it was no surprise when he noticed that I was lightly touching myself.

"You like that? You actually want a sex tape out there of us that dozens of security guards might watch or maybe are even watching now? You do, don't you? You little slut! You fucking little slut! Go ahead, touch yourself, play with that little cunt, you motherfucking little slut. Show me your real inner motherfucking slut. Open up that little pussy and show me how wet you are." I obeyed and using both index fingers, lightly pulled open my vaginal lips and showed him my now dripping wet hole. A short time later Tom turned off the Interstate at a rest stop and I covered my exposed bottom as we drove past the dozen or so cars near the bathrooms and vending section of the rest stop. We went to the most secluded spot in the parking lot as Tom pulled into a spot and turned off the car. "Lift that dress, slut, show me your cunt." A little scared and embarrassed, I did as he said and lifted my dress above my waist to show him what he wanted. "Now turn towards me." I did. "Open up those legs, let me get a good look." I looked around to see if anyone was watching and of course he noticed. "Don't look around, CUNT, look at me!" he commanded. I looked my eyes on him and opened my legs for him. "Put one leg on the dash and the other on the back of the seat, slut, SHOW ME THAT CUNT!" I didn't look around, kept my eyes locked on Tom and did what he said.

"Let me tell you about Connie. She liked to expose herself to guys and often flashed herself at restaurants, movies, even church. I think she liked going to church just to shock the people there with her panty less bottom. She rarely wore any underwear and I guess she fit into that 1 in 6 category of women who don't own panties. She did own some panties, but they were all very sexy and not very concealing. See through, or lace or just micro - she might have well been naked. I particularly liked the micro. They were so small that while all her pussy lips were hidden, her pussy hair was not. I found that so fucking sexy. It surprised me how little material was needed to cover her slit if you weren't worried about covering the pubic hair. She didn't shave, but she did trim her bush a bit but it still was triangle shaped and blond."

These details about another girl was disturbing, but also sexy and exciting. I pictured my vagina barely covered with a micro set of

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