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Heather in the Wilderness, pt 3.2 (fm:group, 10726 words) [4/4] show all parts

Author: dubd
Added: Jul 19 2018Views / Reads: 1680 / 1330 [79%]Part vote: 9.94 (18 votes)
The conclusion of Heather's adventure in the wilderness. Her camera gets a workout.

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Author's Note: Okay, here it is, the final installment of Heather in the Wilderness. It was a long time coming and I apologize for that. There won't be a part 3.3, or 4, or 5. This is it, I'm afraid. Writing requires you to be tied to your computer for extended periods of time, and I find that life intrudes with distractions that simply cannot be ignored. So I'm going to take a break. I wanted to finish this story before I did though and so, here it is. I hope you enjoy it and that it answers questions about the possible futures of our quartet. I may return to the group down the road, but for now, the final word of the story is Endsit.

Heather in the Wilderness pt. 3.2

The group split up, Duane and Jake going to the gazebo to grab their clothes and put them on before gathering their gear to catch dinner; and Heather heading into the tent to get her sleeping bag for her and Maria to lie on to catch some rays. That left Maria momentarily alone and she wandered down to the water's edge to look at the view. She could see why Heather would make this trip just for some pictures. In the distance, an eagle swooped and skimmed the surface of the water before thrusting its feet forward and rising again with a captured fish. A rare sight indeed.

"There's one less fish for the boys to catch," came from behind and Maria turned to see Heather arranging herself on one side of the spread out sleeping bag. She had the bottle of tequila and a beer with her. She patted the empty space next to her for Maria to come sit and said, "I'll bet you would have liked to have a camera for that."

"It is rare," Maria agreed, sitting down beside her new friend. "I have only seen it a handful of times."

Heather saw Maria eyeing the bottle of tequila and said, "I promise not to drink it all. If I had known when I was packing that I would be fucking two guys because of a bet I lost, I would have brought a whole bottle instead of just a flask."

"No problem," Maria said, twisting the cap off of her beer. Then, with a sidelong glance, "Should I pour some on your ass? It could probably use a drink."

Heather laughed, lying back, letting the sun soak into her skin, "I'm good, thanks." She patted Maria's thigh, then just let her hand rest there.

Maria laid back and covered Heather's hand with her own. They laid there quietly for a few minutes before Maria broke the silence, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. Seriously, how is you ass? What was that like?"

"Oh, it knows that it's been stretched," Heather said. Then she thought for a full minute. "What was it like? Only one thing comes to mind and it's gross."

Maria propped herself up on an elbow, "That sounds interesting. Do tell." She used a finger to idly circle one of Heather's nipples.

Heather smiled and retaliated by pinching a Latina nub. "So, last night, with Jake in my pussy and Duane in my ass, it was uncomfortable at first, but then my body relaxed and I just felt -- full, I guess." Then she thought about it, "Really full. Unbelievably full. But also really good. This morning was different." She paused, "If you keep doing that, I'm never going to finish this story."

Maria kept letting her fingers, which had moved decidedly south, play with Heather's clit, "Sorry. But not really."

Heather let her legs fall open a little with a sigh. "This morning was different," she repeated. "And this is the gross part. Um, have you ever been constipated?"

Maria's fingers stopped, "Uh, yeah. A couple of times. Maybe."

Heather's eyes closed, "I can not believe I'm saying this. Jake up there was so big. He was so excited. He was

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scootin writes Sat 21 Jul 2018 20:01:

I really enjoyed all 4 parts of this story. It was very erotic and very sexy.


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