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HOLY SHIT - WHAT A NIGHT (fm:interracial, 3763 words) [5/7] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
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Afraid that I was going to lose Tom to Janie, I moved to a hotel for a couple of nights and found out what all the excitement about black cock was about.

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Hi, my name is Kathleen. I live in the mid-west and am seeing a guy named Tom for the past 13 days. We met and fucked within 24 hours of meeting and have been fucking every day since. You need to know that 2 weeks ago, I never said fuck or cock or pussy or a multitude of other "dirty" words before. I was married for 15 years to a great guy until he died suddenly. I mourned him for 2 years until I met Tom. If you would have asked me, I would have said that my sex life was very satisfying. Looking back, our love making was a bit plain Jane but that is the way both of us wanted it. We would make love two or three times a week and oral sex never even entered into the conversation. I was very, very happy with the love of my life and was devastated when suddenly he was yanked from my life by a tragic car accident. Two full years later, I was sleeping in the arms of another guy named Tom, naked with his cum dripping from my cunt as we slept.

Tom told me stories of the other women that were in his life before he met me. I should have been disgusted and thrown him out of my house the minute he started talking of his other conquests, but instead I found these stories exciting. They brought me into an entire new world that was dark and scary but exciting at the same time. Instead of throwing him out on his ear, I took him into my house and home that I shared with my late husband and took two weeks off work to see where this new "thing" was going. Now its day 13 and the dreams turned into nightmares as I slept on the Tom's shoulder.

My dreams started sexy and light but soon gat darker and scary. At first it was Connie wearing a micro bikini around the house and doing a striptease for Tom to some heavy metal music. I was in the corner of the room watching admiring the way she moved - relaxed and in control. Her body swayed in ways I didn't think I could ever do. She would slowly sway back and forth with the sexiest look I have ever seen and then she would bend her knees until she was squatting with her legs open to show Tom (and me) her purple micro bikini bottoms which barely covered her pussy lips and did nothing to hide the dark pubic hair surrounding her tiny, tiny bottom. In a way that only happens in dreams, Connie morphed into Janie, Tom's wife, and as my attention was drawn to Tom, I saw something that scared me more than anything before or since. I saw love in Tom's eyes! I woke up scared and shaking. Tom woke up as well and asked me if I was alright. I told him it was just a nightmare and he assured me that everything was ok now and he would always come to rescue me when I was scared or lost. I wanted to believe him but his wife Janie was coming to town tomorrow and, yes, Tom told me he would be seeing her, sleeping with her and even fucking the shit out of her when she arrived. But he also told me that he would never leave me. Janie was just a temporary fling - a flashback to his past and since they were still married, he "owed" her this time.

Falling back asleep after a short time of trying to get Janie out of my head, the dreams started again. This time it was young Judy with her red hair and teenage body sitting on Tom's face. That morphed into Samantha in a 69 position with her mouth completely engulfing Tom's cock. The Janie came back and climbed on top of Tom's now 14 inch cock (dreams have no boundaries of reality) and her cunt swallowed him balls deep. Janie, Samantha, Connie, Judy, swirled in and out of my mind and dreams and I was lost in the shuffle. Next morning we awoke and had a subdued breakfast together. I was melancholy and quiet and Tom was busy with making breakfast. We had slept at his place for the first time last night and I brought nothing but the black dress I got at the lingerie shop the day before. Tom lent me one of his shirts and I sat at his breakfast table with nothing on but his shirt and ate - no picked- at the breakfast he made for me.

"You ok?" he asked noticing my mood.

"Yea, just didn't sleep very well." I answered honestly but didn't express my deepest fear of losing him today. It was Sunday, the 14th consecutive day we had been together day and night and the coincidentally the same day that Janie was to arrive.

Tom tried to console me about what was going to happen today - it didn't work! "Look, I know Janie is coming today and we might not see each other for a day or two, but I want you to know that I will be back to get you. I told you that I love you and I would always be there to get you when you needed me."

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rsqman69 writes Sun 22 Jul 2018 15:53:

I loved it and am looking forward to the next part

Mike from Louisiana


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