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Watching is more exciting than I ever thought! (fm:threesomes, 4905 words) [6/7] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Jul 29 2018Views / Reads: 2763 / 2007 [73%]Part vote: 9.83 (24 votes)
at the lingerie shop, I get treated to a show you won't believe,

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My name is Kathleen and if you haven't read the first 5 parts of my story, you might want to read them so you can completely understand my journey. So far I have gone from being a happily married woman for 15 years before my husband was killed in a violent car accident two years ago. About 2 weeks ago, I met a man named Tom who has opened my eyes to the myriad variations of sexual variations that I never really believe existed. Yes, over the past couple of lonely years, I watched some erotic movies but I never knew that these were any more than sexual fantasies played out by actors. Now I know that sexual experiences extend far beyond my previous experiences and I tasted some of the variety myself either with or, very recently, without Tom.

Tom is married and while his wife Janie has met and subsequently left with a female lover named Marilyn for San Francisco. However, she returns home on occasion to see her family and she arrived just last Sunday. The thing is that she stays with Tom when she is in town and Tom has left me know that while he loves me, he fully intends on sleeping with his wife and, yes, he will be fucking her as well. After a recent experience I had with a couple of black men, I decided to confront Janie and Tom at his place and arrived at 6:30am Tuesday morning. Janie met me at the door and immediately recognized me as Tom's most recent lover and welcomed me into the home and offered me coffee. As we sat down together, Tom came down from upstairs, clearly recently finished with his morning shower. After a couple of minutes seeing both his wife and me sitting at the kitchen table, he felt it was best if he just went upstairs and got dressed for work. When he came down, his awkwardness was very apparent. He didn't know which one of us to kiss and say good-by to, so he just quickly left without saying anything to either one of us.

Janie giggled and said, "Well that was awkward. I think we frightened him." I laughed with her agreeing that we certainly scared the shit out of the man. Janie and I started a bond that day that would grow over the next week or so.

After Tom went to work, Janie and I sat and talked for hours. She wanted to know how we met and I wanted to know what happened to make her leave. I discovered that she was very happy with the three way marriage that she shared with Tom and Marilyn for over a year and that she just couldn't give up on the newfound friendship she built with Marilyn and wanted to explore where that would go. I certainly knew how that felt since I had just spent a couple of weeks exploring my newfound lover and wasn't ready to give him up either. I would follow him today if he decided to move as well.

I discovered that her and Marilyn didn't go directly to San Francisco but spent a couple of months in LA before moving north. It was from the phone that she bought there that she sent the message that I saw on Tom's phone a couple of weeks ago. She knew about me right after Tom and I met. She was happy for him and wanted to meet me to make sure I was the right woman for Tom. She cared deeply for Tom and I was surprised to learn that she was very protective as well. She told me that if I wasn't good for Tom, she would have found a way to "remove" me from his life. What that meant, I didn't know, but she also told me that she is already convinced that Tom was in good hands.

Then the sex talk started. I told her of my past and my recent sexual experiences starting with the latest one which happened the last two nights. I found out they both did listen to me and my black "friends" for at least 15 minutes after I dropped the phone. Tom was initially sacred that I was being attacked but soon realized that I was a willing participant in my "black encounter". She apparently sucked him off to my vocal concert and he came hard and deep in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Somehow this was very stimulating to me and I felt the odd feeling that always occurs when I start to get excited. My hand dropped to my thigh although I didn't touch myself in front of this woman who was still in my mind my competition.

My involuntary response was to check out Janie as she talked. She was very pretty with shoulder length light brown hair. Even with no obvious makeup, her skin was flawless (I was jealous) and she had an ease about her that made her very likable and easy to talk to and be friends with. My eyes traveled down a bit (hopefully not too obviously) to examine her body. Her floral nightgown was semi-transparent and I checked out her small breasts and pointy nipples that were clearly

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Pete (guest) writes Thu 2 Aug 2018 20:55:

I'm a writer and would recommend you do one of two things. Have someone read what you've written and show places where corrections need to be made, words omitted or added, etc. Option - read it out loud to yourself after you write it. Either is a good way to help you greatly improve what are clearly imaginative and well-written stories. Great job. Gave it a 9 for overall content!


merryanne writes Wed 1 Aug 2018 19:06:

Hi Kathleen. Just lettin' you know I was so engrossed in your stories, I read every one in rapid succession. Please continue to contribute.



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